Operation: APHID (Part 1)

Operation: Aphid (Part 1)

On a foggy Tuesday afternoon in May 1938 ‘C’ summons four ALFIES agents to the Liver building. Kenneth Walthamstow-Browne and Peter Cadbury-Pakenham meet in the foyer and are soon joined by Dr Richard Proctor. As the three exchange pleasantries they are joined by docker Colm O’Grady, who receives a cold reception from the gentlemen.

The agents are summoned by ‘C’ and are escorted to his office by his secretary Ms Lilith Cashcent. Here the agents are briefed on Operation APHID . Having been issued with their objectives and aliases the team are transported by taxi to the Palm House, Sefton Park where Q awaits them. Here they discover that they will be infiltrating Manchester via a balloon contraption piloted by an eccentric Frenchman, Monsieur Montgolier.

Following a bumpy landing in Wilmslow some miles south of Manchester, the team watch on helplessly as their transport is attacked by aircraft as it soared towards the Penines unecumbered by the  basket. The agents attempt to cover their tracks by breaking apart their landing basket and hiding the remains in a trench. They begin moving towards Wilmslow.

As they reach the town they are passed by a heavily armed truck. The truck stops, the agents scatter and seek cover and the truck moves on. The agents decide to split into pairs in order to appear less conspicuous. Colm and Dr Proctor locate a tea room where Dr Proctor takes food and drink, returning with food for Colm who remains outside. Kenneth and Peter locate a pub where they too are able to eat and drink before moving on.


Wilmslow Church


In the ale house Kenneth and Peter join two celebrating RAF pilots who downed the balloon and mention amongst their drunken discussion of ladies and aviation the capture of the French Pilot. 

Outside the tea room, Colm is stopped by BUF militia and asked to show his papers. He presents the fake papers provided by ‘C’ and successfully avoids being caught out by further questioning.

The four agents reconvene at Wilmslow railway station and buy tickets for travel to Manchester. On arriving at Oxford Road station they decide to locate the dead letterbox – they have been briefed that this is in the ladies lavatories. Colm enters the cleaners cupboard and takes the cleaner’s coat and equipment. Dressed in the cleaners coat he cleans the facilities as a cover to access the dead letterbox. Kenneth spots the real cleaner arriving late and looking for his equipment but Colm fails to hear Kenneth’s warning and the cleaner confronts Colm. They argue, but Colm convinces the cleaner that he has been appointed as his replacement but avoids further controntation through a combination of intimidation, bluster and throwing a hissy fit resignation which leaves the cleaner dumfounded.

The four agents reconvene at a nearby pub where they discreetly read the letter obtained from the station while enjoying a tasty pork hotpot. The letter instructs them to go to the pub’s yard door where they must knock three times and throw a pebble over the wall. They do so and the door is opened by Betty, a young woman who is armed. They follow her down to the beer cellar which it becomes clear that the ‘Mary Hay’s Martyr’s Brigade’ resistance are using as a base. The agents notice two pork hotpots being cooked here, one labelled ‘special’. On asking what this means the agents are told that this is served only to BUF members. There are plenty of BUF members in the pub as it is opposite the Palace Hotel which has been commandeered by the Party as a Regional Headquarters,

Palace Hotel

Betty agrees to arrange a meeting for the agents with GOPHER at Lewis’ tea shop. The agents have 48 hours to kill before the meeting takes place and spend their time confined to the damp beer cellar playing cards, with Kenneth emerging as overall winner.

Betty eventually reveals that the agents will no be meeting GOPHER but a representative. It is decided that Kenneth will meet the representative and Colm and Peter will provide cover, whilst the lame Dr Proctor remains at the cellar to learn more about the Manchester resistance and try to gain access to their radio.

An attractive lady in her early twenties sits down with Kenneth and asks whether he has ordered. They chat and it is confirmed that GOPHER has information to offer in return for extraction. Specifically, the lady hints that GOPHER may be able to supply information on the location a railway gun weapon. In exchange for this GOPHER requires extraction for himself, his child (by his wife) and the lady representing him. On further questioning the lady reveals that the wife of GOPHER will not be joining them. During the conversation Peter notices a man taking a particular interest in what they are saying. Kenneth and the lady arrange a second meeting.


A Railway Gun


Meanwhile, Dr Proctor locates the radio used by the resistance in the beer cellar. He also manges to find out what the ‘special’ hotpot contains, noticing a human finger in the dish to the disgust of all the agents.

[End of Operation: APHID (Part 1)]

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