Operation APHID (Part 2 Appendix Spoils of War)

I thought I’d write up the ‘spoils’ from the unfortunate RHPG officers the players dispatched last session, as a handy  permanent record.

Webley .455 Pistol with 4 rounds (grabbed off RHPG Lieutenant by Butchers boy Ashley Peacock (the passenger Graham being the driver.)

 RH Patrolman Tony Nolan

Uniform: mid size Royal Irish Constablulary serge tunic and trousers (a very dark green), Black Tam O’Shanter with RHPG Bdge on blue backing, Blue cravat, Grey shirt, long johns, British Army ammunition boots (size 8),  blue canvas knapsack, leather belt with holsters and sheaths.

Weapons: Short Magazine Lee-Enfield .303 bolt action rifle – 8 rounds left in the 10 round magazine, .455 Webley pistol in ‘widowmaker’ flap pistol on right hip, 12 .455 rounds, ‘sword’ bayonet, 6″ flick knife

Personal Effects – 12/6 in loose change, 2 mucky postcards signed ‘sally from wigan’ on back. 15 John Player Specials cigarettes, 2 cigerette cards ‘heroes of the BUF’, about half a quarter of ‘Uncle Joes Mint Balls,’ 1 Corned Beef ‘batch (roll) in grease proof paper, Papers and Warrant card

RH Patrolman Reginald Thatcher

Unfiorm: medium sized Scarlet Royal Canadian Mounted Police red tunic, khaki British Army trousers and RCMP straight stetson (with RHPG badge on blue backing), vest & pants and riding  boots (size 8), Rifle ammo bandolier in leather, leather belt with holsters and other pouches.

Weapons: Winchester 94 30-30 Lever action rifle (7 round magazine full), 21 loose30-30  rounds, a pair of .455 Colt New Service revolvers in Western style ‘fast draw’ holsters, A trench knife (knife with knuckleduster grip)

Personal Effects: Canadian passport, dishonourable discharge papers from RCMP, letters from family, ‘a french letter’, snakeskin wallet,  3/4 in loose change, loaded dice, marked pack,  playing cards, stick chewing gum, hip flask ~(bourbon, half drank), warrant card and papers,  1 tin gorgeous george hair pomade (1/2 used,)

RH Patrolman Stuart Murphy

Uniform: larger sized Blue Policeman’s tunic, brown cordroy trousers, tin hat with khaki sack covering worn over a blue woolen hat. RHPG badge worn on chest of tunic, Blue and red striped scarf,  British Army ammunition boots (size 10) and puttees, sporting shotgun cartridge bandolier, Webbing belt with holsters, sheaths and pouches.

Weapons: Winchester M1912 pump action shotgun (5 round magazine intact), 24 spare rounds,  Smith and Wesson Model 10 .38 revoler, full 6 rounds + 12 spare,  bayonet for shotgun,  12″ bowie knife,

Personal Effects: 4 hankerchiefs (used), 1 half eaten packet of throat pastilles, 1 tin travel sweats, 1 half used tub Vicks Vapour rub, headache tablets, bottle Wincarnis tonic wine (half drank), bottle lucozade (half drank), smelling salts, 1 IOU ’10 shillings’ from Reginald  Thatcher, £1 5/6,   1 address book , ‘2 French letters’, 1 tin vaseline,  Warrant card and papers, Crystal Palace cuttings in pocket scrap book.

RH Corporal Samuel Mitton

Uniform: mid-size Blue Policeman’s tunic (British Army corporal stripes), brown tweed trousers, Blue glengarry cap with RHPG badge , British Army ammunition boots (size 9) and puttees, grey collarless shirt, long johns, US Army webbing 

Weapons: .45 ACP Thompson Submachine gun (currently w Dr Proctor) 50 round drum with 26 rounds left, 1 spare drum(50 rounds) , 4 spare 20 rounds magazines,  .45 M1911A1 .45 ACP Colt pistol full 7 round magazine, 4 spare magazines,  50 loose spare rounds,  18″ Cutlass, 8″ dagger

Personal Effects: Photograph wife(Sarah)  and child, letters from home (including from child Alice aged 8), 2 cheese ‘batches’ in grease proof papers, 5/8 in loose change, bottle brown ale, Warrant card and papers

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