Operation: APHID (part 3)

Operation APHID (part 3)

Having managed to escape from the Royal Highway Patrol Group the agents are around a mile ahead when the rear axis of their truck collapses. The party are around half a mile from the nearest village and the Royal Highway Patrol are in pursuit. They observe flares being shot into the sky to the East. GOPHER and his mistress are coming to but are very groggy from the sedative and Dr Proctor is reluctant to move the mistress far due to her injury. While they are still groggy, Ken checks them both to ensure they have not armed themselves with any found sharp objects but they are still unarmed. Dr Proctor quickly puts on the policeman’s uniform found in the truck. Moments later more flares are seen going off to the West and the North.

Dr Proctor tells the agents that the mistress has a wound that could be fatal if left untreated. He indicates that should it help them to successfully extract GOPHER he could neglect to treat her. Colm and Peter are unhappy with this suggestion and Ken suggests they continue to try and help her for the time being at least. Colm says he will take personal responsibility for looking after the mistress and will carry her on his back if he has to. Peter and Dr Proctor hear motorbike engines approaching from the west. Peter explains that he knows the reverend at a nearby village of Norley to the south who may be able to help them. Ken ties the mistress to Colm’s back and the party head South with Peter and Ken helping a groggy GOPHER along. Colm discards his firearms to try to avoid any incriminating evidence and make it easier to carry the mistress leaving himself armed with a concealed knife and a crowbar. One of the butchers boys improvises a petrol bomb to destroy the remains of the truck which is emblazoned with Arkwrights Abatoir.

Cheshire Public Schools Battalion member

The agents follow the hedgerow towards Norley. As they approach they hear large explosions behind them and see the anti tank gun they encountered previously being fired into the back of the wagon they left behind. The agents pick up the pace. Dr Proctor is towards the back in the stolen policeman’s tunic. A voice shouts ‘you there!’ and he is confronted by a teenage boy in comically oversized khakis. He is wearing a school tie and cap and is dwarfed by the Lee Enfield rifle with bayonet attached stood next to him. Proctor bluffs, shouting ‘attention!’. He intimidates the boy, telling him to get back to his unit. The boy runs off and Dr Proctor follows the group.

St Johns the Evangelist Norley

They arrive at the village church of St John the Evangelist where Peter’s friend Christopher practices at 4pm. Peter knocks the door and is greeted by the Reverend Christopher Patten. Christopher is shocked by the scene of the 8 arriving and ushers them in. Ken tries to cover some of the tracks immediately outside. In the hallway Christopher asks for an explanation. Colm intercedes and brings attention to the state of the mistress. Christopher takes them through to the kitchen. Ken takes up a surveillance position to watching the grounds from the window. Dr Proctor tends the mistress’ injuries at the kitchen table. GOPHER is looking less groggy and asks where the child is. The agents initially ignore this and continue about their business. Peter asks Christopher whether he has access to a vehicle but all he can offer is a pushbike. He gathers from the conversation that there has been a confrontation with the BUF and asks Peter if he is in the service of the Liverpool Free State. Peter confirms this and Christopher informs the agents that there is a school just a few hundred yards where away with 200 public schoolboys are equipped with rifles in the service of the Government.

Colm asks Christopher for a map and the agents discuss possible escape routes. GOPHER is still asking about his child. Colm gives GOPHER a slap and tells him that they sent an agent to get the child but the agent has been caught and shot. Colm and Proctor assure GOPHER the girl is fine and a later mission will be sent to extract. They tell him that he will need to cooperate if he wants to stay alive. Ken sees a motorcycle with a sidecar containing a man with a heavy machinegun approach. They are wearing mismatched police and army uniforms similar to the men involved in the previous confrontation. The bike stops on the village green and is followed by the truck, that was also involved in the last confrontation. A tall man with a pencil moustache and peaked cap seems to be in charge. The men on the green are dragging people out of houses and interrogating them. They gather 8 people on the green and point guns at them. The group head out to the garage. There is a window overlooking the green from which Ken continues to observe. Colm intimidates Christopher for fear he will betray the agents. The officer in charge outside calls on a loudspeaker for the village to give away the terrorists. He states that until the agents are found executions will take place on the hour.

A hundred secondary school boys march onto the green and the teacher at the head goes to speak with the leader of the Highway Patrol.

Superintendent Delany  of the NW Highway Patrol, RHPG (see Rogues gallery)

There is some shouting and disagreement going on the green and the schoolboys form into 2 ranks opposite the royal highway patrol group. The agents resolve to cause a panic by releasing some shots. Proctor aims at the highway commander and lets off a burst of the tommy gun. He misses, kicking up dirt around the officer. A machine gunner on the truck shoots into the schoolboys who return fire.

The agents retreat to the rear of the vicarage leaving the gunfight and the vicar behind and moving towards the school. They see another 100 or so schoolboys being pulled into formation by their masters and hide while the boys march past them to the green. There are three trucks and two touring cars in the front of the school. The agents take one car and one truck. The car travels in front and they drive off East in the direction of Wales. They drive through the forest roads around the south of Chester. From Chester the agents take the roads following the line of the railway on to Wales. They pass through some small welsh villages and continue towards the coast.

Two bulldogs fighter planes pass overhead and the agents can see the pilot leaning out of the cockpit gesturing for them to stop. His college does a loop and comes back down the road in a strafing run. The agents stop the vehicles and exit them. The plane on the strafing run flies over at 30ft. Ken takes a pot shot with his pistol. Both planes go into a high speed climb preparing for a strafing run. The butchers boys panic and everyone scatters. Both planes riddle the vehicles with bullets. Dr Proctor fires his tommy gun at one of the planes and misses. Peter and Ken also fail to hit the plane with potshots. The planes retreat to a great hight circling the party while the vehicles burn. The party carry on up the road towards the coast. They are roughly parallel to Flint.

A Bristol Bulldog Fighter

The agents decide to head on towards Penyffordd docks 10 miles away. A voice from behind calls to halt and four men with rifles emerge from the undergrowth. There are additional rifles in the bushes . Colm addresses the leader of the men who speaks in a Northern Irish accent. He is wearing a scarf to cover his face. They banter and the party are directed into the wood and instructed to disarm. The men are wearing bottle green uniforms with eagle insignia of the nationalist Free Wales Army (BRC). They are led to a small camp with a fire and given bread and cold tea. Ken tries to find out if they are allies. The agents explain they are Free Staters on their way back to Liverpool. They are asked for proof. Ken produces their silk maps but the evidence is not enough to convince. Proctor asks for access to a radio so he can call HQ. Initially they refuse but eventually decide to blindfold him and take him to the radio that night. Most of the party are left under guard and Ken plays cards with some of them while Peter keeps GOPHER company. They can hear rifles firing in the distance. Colm is the only one who manages to sleep between the mortar shells.

At night the Guard comes to take Dr Proctor to the radio. He is bundled into a car and later appears in a dark room with a pistol at his head. He tries the radio and gives out the signal. He explains they are with Welsh nationalists and is instructed to put their leader on the radio. There is an exchange in Welsh and the pistol is removed from his forehead. He is instructed by HQ to deal with local leader codename McGuinness. McGuinees gives him some whiskey and they shake hands. Dr Proctor is taken to a pub and fed. McGuinness returns to camp for the rest of the party. Assisted by guards and with the mistress on a stretcher they are escorted to a truck and taken to the pub in Prestatyn to meet proctor. Food is made available and they sleep in the beds at the pub after some food and drink.

In the morning the Welsh tell the agents Dr Proctors tommy gun has suspiciously been mislaid as has much of their ammo. They are taken to Prestatyn beach where they can see former Royal Navy destroyer the Intrepid waiting for them. A ships boat is sailing over. Mcguinness shakes Dr Proctors hand as his head explodes like a melon. The party dive for cover all panicking and shouting. Nobody can see where the shot came from. In the prow of the little boat is a sailor with a light machine gun. He slumps with a hole in his helmet as a shot rings out but still nobody can see where the firing is coming from. One of the butchers boys shouts ‘Hes over …’ and falls to the ground. Ken sees a glint up in the hilltops above town 500m away. The group zigzag towards the boat. Proctor is hit and drops face down in the water. Ken grabs him on the way past. Somebody else has taken the lewis gun on the boat and is firing into the general area above the village indicated by Ken. Peter struggles to get on board and Colm pulls him aboard. The remaining agents make the LFS Inrepid and GOPHER is returned to C in liverpool.

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