Operation: CRICKET (Part 1)

Operation :CRICKET (Part 1)

Four agents are summoned to action by ‘C’: Eric George, Tod, Harvey Lee Boswell and young Archie Fenner. In C’s office he offers them a drink and the new team are briefed on the railway gun intelligence obtained during operation GOPHER. C explains that the computing engine could make specific targets in the city of Liverpool vulnerable. He tells the rest of the group that Archie has explosives experience which can be utilised to rech their objectives. The railway gun is stored in Alderly Edge in tunnels cut into the rock. There is a royal artillery regiment with anti aircraft guns in the area making an aerial attack infeasible. There will be no support available beyond possible local allies. There are believed to be friendly forces in the area including a group known as Cheshire Christian Conservatives against Carlism (C4), a local Anglican League group and a MALE unit the Ridge Ramblers who raid the area. The team are to destroy BRADMAN (the railway gun), destroy or capture GRIMLET (the targeting engine) and cause discomfort to the enemy.

The Railway Gun

C offers the agents two contacts to help with their transportation requirements. A stout bearded man in flying leathers and chunky jumper enters as does a man in Royal Navy enlisted mans dress, a red armband and Captain’s stripes. C introduces Captain Challenger of the ‘Birkenhead Badgers’ Flying Circus and Chairman Andrews of the Sailors Soviet of the Liverpool Free State Ship Intrepid. Challenger offers infiltration via a tube contraption to be dropped from the air, while Andrews offers a more conventional option of travel by sea and then infiltration over land. The agents consider their options and begin to favour Challenger. Archie will only go if his wages are doubled and this is agreed by C.

Captain Challanger

Tod is given the papers of a German Ministry of Information journalist.Harveyis given papers to say he is an American journalist. Eric and Archie have papers saying they are a photographer and photographer’s apprentice respectively. They are all provided with civilian dress.

The agents take a cab into the Birkenhead tunnel and on to Birkenhead Park aerodrome. They are taken to Challenger’s Bristol Blenheim and are secured in their individual wooded tubes with their kit. The tubes are padded like coffins and the agents are strapped securely into quick release safety belts before the lid is screwed on. The tubes are attached to the aircraft and the agents feel the take off.

Challanger’s Blenheim

The agents feel the tubes rattling away violently. Fortunately, none suffer from claustrophobia. After a period of time they hear a loud click and the tubes are released from the aircraft. Their parachutes open fine and they land safely although the turbulent descent causes some of the agents to vomit. They all emerge safely from the wooden tubes.

The team are East of Alderly Edge in the Peak District at night. They collect the parachutes and destroy the wooden tubes and stay put until morning when they attempt to regroup.Harveyfinds tracks to indicate that there has been a group in the area recently. By mid morning the party has regrouped and Lee briefs them about the tracks he has found indicating a party of around 11 men. The group have limited cover in the rocky bleak territory of the peak district.

Harvey tries to read the landmarks but struggles to accurately judge their location. As they move out of the mountains into farmland they move closer to Alderly Edge. They hear small arms fire and dash to cover. They judge the fire to me around a mile away.Harvey uses the scope from his sniper rifle to try and locate the source of the shooting. He can see 6 figures leaving a house with back packs in civilian dress armed with shotguns. They set fire to the house. He can see another party in a nearby property taking up firing positions. They are covering the first party. Lee relays the info back to the agents and they ready their arms.

Tod’s Model 1938A Berretta

The second party are retreating in the direction of the agents. The agents disagree over the best course of action. Lee can see they are wearing red armbands indicating they might be allies. Eric decides to approach them. He walks towards the village while the other agents cover him. The unknown party take positions and shout at him to stop. One approaches him and the agents watch them chat in a relaxed fashion for 5 minutes. Collectively they walk back towards the agents.

They are approached by Eric and the leader of the armed group. He introduces himself as Simon Groom and shakes hands with the agents. He explains that he is an admirer of Blair’s writing. The agents look disapprovingly at Eric, he has told the man that they are looking for a railway gun. The agents are invited to come with the party back to Stanley Hall which is further back in the direction they have come from.

They reach a trashed stately home flying a red flag. The grounds are full of debris and smashed vehicles. The agents are taken to be introduced to a General Fleming. They follow through the main hall which contains smashed statues and damaged statues. The group are known as the Peak Partisans. Lee engages with Fleming who offers hospitality if they can furnish him with ammunition and supplies. Fleming pays particular attention to Lee’s teeth and it becomes apparent that he is a dentist. The Peak Partisans have a radio and offer the agents the opportunity to use it to contact base to ask for supplies once it has been repaired.Harveysays they could help arrange defences better and Fleming takes offence. He offers a drink and invites them to a meal later. The agents don’t trust him and view him with suspicion. They are left to their own devices. From what they can gather there is the implication that there may be prisoners in the cellar.

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