Operation CRICKET:Supplemental inside the Alderly Edge Base

Here is the base the Player team found themselves in at the end of the second session.

The key is:

  • Grey lines railway track
  • Red boxs lifts (connecting to nearest main chamber) they also run up to the mezzzaine level as well as below. There are also ladders down the sise of the life frames in case of power cuts.
  • Yellow box – rough size of the control room on the Mezzaine level.

Re Equipment the charcater sare carrying.

As well as a BUF Railway Battalion uniform with hip-length leather jacket and German paratrooper helmet they also have the following.

  • Either a MP28 SMG machine gun with six 32 round clips or a Small Magazine Lee Enfield with 50 rounds in 5 round stripper clips and 100 loose .
  •  Bayonets for main weapon.
  • Map of the area.
  • Map of the base.
  • Sir Randalf Tynes ‘Manual on Civilised Conduct in Hostile Territory’ dated 1937 (pocket sized book.)
  • ID Papers
  • Emergency aid kit – some dressings, sulfa power & morphine shots.

Map I say – why yes there is a second level below as follows

The Lower Level
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