Operation: Daddy Long Legs

The Mission started with the characters getting a Cab to the Athenaeum Club where Ernst Hemmingway, who was in their charge for night was entertaining his guests.

The team included young agent Eric Leadbetter, Percy Thomas local spiv, gentleman bounder Kenneth Walthamstow-Browne and Irish brick outhouse Colm ‘Cucullin’ O’Grady. Upon entering the Athenaeum the characters where introduced to Hemmingway and his journalistic cohorts. Tehse where a besotted Vicki Vale, a taciturn TinTin and a disgruntled J.Jonah Jameson.

Hemmingway immediately identifies Percy as a leader of men and sticks him with the bill. Percy deftly arranges for this to be billed to ALFIES HQ while the American man of letters leads the party and their 2 cabs on toScotland Road, the heart of Liverpool’s Irish ghetto to give the journos a sight of the realLiverpool.

A sight of real Liverpool consists of Guinness and a lot of pontificating on how the Hamlet in Scotland Road is a real ENGLISH pub and how marvellous it the Irish are fighting to save the ENGLISH working classes by the Great American Author. This attracts some unwelcome attention from IRA militia members in the pub. Ken manages to catch a thrown pint glass and while Eric watches the rowdies the rest of the part (including the manhandled Hemmingway) are taken out the back and escape to the cabs. Colm travels on the running board of the Author’s cab while the rest of team trail behind.

Hemmingway then diverts the party to the Coburg on the Strand. On route the characters notice a sleek sedan packed with heavies tailing them. Instructing the cab to pull behind the tail Ken opens fire on the shadowing car’s tires to no avail and some skids later the sedan and Hemmingways car  (turned back into action on the Penman’s orders) smash side on. It’s only the timely flashing of the warrant cards of the men in the other car that the PCs realise a Liverpool Police tail has been put on Hemmingway and narrowly avoid a serious ‘friendly fire’ incident.

The damaged cars limp to the Coburg. Hemmingway takes centre stage in the Docker’s pub getting the denizens to open up to the scribes while he facilitates matters by ordering lots of drinks. The Plod watch from outside while the players cover the inside of the pub.

Eric, bored with events, glances outside and notices the police incapacitated and watched by two goons hanging around outside their car. Some aggressive sailors also seemed to want trouble but charismatic Ken as a diversion persuades them the goons outside are Marines and they pile out for a fight.  Without further delay it’s a case of pushing and prodding the earnest man of letters and his party out the back and legging it into a warren of entries hopping to avoid any pursuit. As the team flees Ken notices the sailors are on the floor in some form of fit.

Unfortunately Hemmingway is less than impressed and alternates between options such as attending an illegal bare-knuckle boxing match, touring the front lines but when the increasingly frustrated Eric explains why they fled the Great Man decides they should return to ‘fight the fascists!’ Ken bravely tries to lead the Author off target but Erics having none of it. Tin Tin is revealed to carry an arsenal and has armed all the Journalists with pistols though J.Jonah Jameson is disgusted by the whole shebang.

This is brought to an abrupt end why the goons turn up gas-masked and trench coated. Six in number, four are carrying Revolvers and two strange conical fire-extinguisher like devices. Takign advantages of the chaos Vicky Vale reveals her true colours stabbing Hemmingway in the behind with a syringe and trying tow hist him away.

Percy goes prone opening fire and Ken loses an argument with the backyard gate he wishes to break through to take cover while Colm punches out the treacherous dame.  Eric, in action at last, blazes away. Jameson with cries of ‘I’m a  journalist not a gunman’ legs it.

In the short sharp ‘okay corral’ style firefight that follows all the agents are wounded – Hemmingway is grabbed and dropped but eventually put into a backyard in cover with the wounded Ken watching over him. The pistol-packing assassins are all downed but for one who exits into a backyard to reload and his strangely equipped companions close.  Percy retrieves the unconscious Vale’s pistol to resume the fight .Eric and Colm now their ammunition is spent charge the oddly armed attackers and managed to rip off their assailants gas masks before their strange weapons which produce plumes of gas are fired. The gas dischargers are fired in the scuffle and knock out Ken and the gas men.

The grievously injured Percy maintains consciousness by being close to the ground while TinTin is just lucky I guess. Colm with a spade in hand captures the remaining gunman in mid-reload after delivering a nasty leg-break. While he and Eric survey the damage Percy, gun shot and sore marches over to the prone Hemmingway.

With a  cry of ‘take that you &*@£! Yank $%^£!’ he dispatches the scribe with two shots  to the head and escapes into the night.

Word is he’s out in the City now…fighting his own war…his own way. If your in trouble, and no one else can help…maybe, just maybe you can call Percy Thomas.

Needless to say Cairns is NOT pleased.

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  1. […] Percy was recognised by Ken, despite his beard, who covered him with the Hotchkiss as they made cautious greetings. Ken was there when Hemmingway was murdered: https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/operation-daddy-long-legs/ […]

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