Operation Cricket (Part 2)

 Due to a drop box SNAFU this report is from memory and less fulsome than is normally the case. It follows on from https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/operation-cricket-part-1/

The session started with Thomas Williams a member of the Mancunians Army of Liberation in Exile (MALE) detachment the Ridge Ramblers who was being kept prisoner by Doctor Fleming’s Derbyshire based Peak Partisans in the wine cellar of Stanley Hall. Williams had been said to enlist the Peak Partisans aid in attacking the Railway Gun at Alderly Edge but the insane Fleming had turned against the Mancunians and was torturing them with his dentistry skills.

This didn’t appeal to Williams who escaped his bonds abandoned his dead colleagues and overpowering a guard headed for the radio room where he met the ALFIES team. The Liverpool spies were debating their next move having discovered the radio was broken. After a period of stand off it was agreed the ALFIES team and Williams will abandon Stanley Hall and Williams introduce them to his comparatively sane resistance group. The characters set fire to Stanley hall and escape in the midst of the chaos. They manage to steal a decrepit old fire engine and make their getaway in that with the odd parting shot from the Derbyshire forces.

In travelling back to towards the Alderly Edge they pass a detachment of the Cheshire Constabulary’s Western Field Force on route to Stanley Hall to avenge the raiding.

Abandoning the vehicle the team meets the MALE who have captured a BUF Railway Troops section, these were given to the ALFIES team and Williams who with some resistance members infiltrated the railway gun base dug into the ‘Edge. (SEE https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/2011/05/01/operation-cricketsupplemental-inside-the-alderly-edge-base/ ) Williams an academic emphasis the importance of capturing the BUF calculating engine rather than destroying the rail gun.

Shortly after infiltrating the base the Section see some civilian scholarly type arguing with officers about excavations and strangely uniformed people in the control rooms. However shortly afterwards the electric lighting fails and the pneumatic doors on the base shut close and are jammed. The team are stranded in an enemy base, outnumbered and with orders to destroy the railway gun. Who are the civilians, what are the excavations and whom are the strangely uniformed men in the Control Room? Maybe we’ll find out on the 14 June 2011.

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