Agent Cadbury-Packenham charged with forming REDLINE an extraction line for Liverpool agents, downed pilots and anti-Mosley Resistance has made the following progress.


A Free Welsh Army line is running from Prestayn to Flint. The FWA Unit the ‘Knights of Prestayn’ have a radio link with Liverpool and the facilities for ships, seaplanes or flyign boats to collect agents.

From there REDLINE splits into SCARLET and CRIMSON escape lines


From Flint an FWA Line runs to Hawarden where it is picked up by a cell of Cheshire Conservatives Againist Carlisim (C4-a Anglicna League resistance wing) through Chester itself via the Shropshire Union canal and the Boatman’s Union (a Worker’s Army cell) to Nantwhich. A line then exists via the Railway Workers Union (Worker’s Army again) through Crewe and on to Congleton. The ‘Macc Lad’s Battalion’ a Workers Defence Corps resistance group runs again to Congelton via Macclesfield. The stretch between Macclesfield and Stockport is handled by the ‘Wardsend Foresters’ an independent anarchist cell and in Stockport the ‘Mad Hatter’s Party’ an independent resistance cell ties into various Mancunian and Salford resistance groups.


Splits from Scarlet at Flint.  The Flint Company of the Worker’s Army (pro-UK) anti-Mosleyites runs a line down into Wrexham. From Wrexham the 5th (Wrexham) Worker’s Army Battalion runs a line up to King’s Marsh just over the border where the Marxist Marshmen Collective can take agents between there and Tarporley where there is a C4 cell. The C4 runs agents into Delamere Forest where the Delamere merrymen are based, which tends to be a holding area.  A Workers Defence Corps ILP Cell the Northwhich Fusilliers runs agents between Delamere and Knutsford (via Delamere) and it has contacts with a C4 cell in Altringham which then ties into the Mancunian resistance.

The line sare still brittle and could do with parallel lines so if one cell falls the line doesn’t collapse but considerable progress has been made.

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