Operation EARWIG (part 2)

In which Liverpool Free State Secret Agents continue to try and unite the Lakes aganist Edward VIII’s Government to cut the A6 route between the Liverpool and Scottish fronts.

On exiting the anti-Semitic Anglican’s fortified hamlet of Troutbeck Ken trips and injuries his head. While Ken returns him to the Anglicans for medical care Tom and Vinnie notice a figure in an Army greatcoat doing an appalling version of ‘not being seen.’

Having determined the stalker is unarmed Vinne throws a stone. The observer panics and takes cover imagining a grenade – with the Tom in the lead theLiverpoolagents bound over and take the watcher prisoner. He is revealed to be Ted Niceday a Private in the 7th (Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry) Battalion, The Border Regiment. He claims to be a terrific warrior as he cadges fags off Vinnie, who has deserted to Ambleside in order to offer his services as a soldier of fortune.

The agents see through this baloney but Ted has other news a government attack by the Kendal garrison in 7-10 days. The agents return to Ambleside, abandoning plans to talk to the Jewish refugee militia in Troutbeck bridge and meeting up with Dick they lock-up Ted in the town jail. The site of them with a government uniformed prison gets approving, even flirtatious approval from the refugees in the town while the native Ambelsiders are more circumspect. The agents retire to the pub to think through the consequences of this news.

Michael Browse the local police constable bursts in on the agents meetings. He is concerned over the presence of the deserter and when told of the Government attack – worried about the danger to the town. Tom and Dick make impassioned appeals to him with the promise ofLiverpoolaid and of turning Ambleside into a safe area of plenty and prosperity that can defend itself. Browse agrees to talk to the other town elders the Reverend Roberts (not associated with the Troutbeck fantatics) and Dame Margo Staverley. He persuades them to come on board.

 Vinnie has ascertained the town needs no more food now and improved their food distribution controls. Dick and Tom have spoken to Browse and determined how many trustworthy men with military experience the town can call upon from both the refugee and local populations. The team was careful to keep about half of the equipment back for future negotiations.

Chives the pigeon

The carrier pigeon Chives is sent toLiverpoolwith an order for Russians rifles, a maxim gun and other weapons. Medical equipment is also requested from a list furnished by the town Doctor Dougie Kildare, blankets and tents where also ordered for the refugees. Chive has a difficult job escaping the immediate area as he is pursued by not one but two kestrels. Perhaps a government falconer is in the area trying to cut off communications. Bruised and battered by his adventures having thrown off his pursuers through diving through a murder of crows who mobbed the raptors Chives finally reaches Liverpool. (Yes a player played  a pigeon.)

With Chive was also Tom’s request for a Browning Automatic Rifle and Vinnie for a Chicago typewriter – or Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and a crate of Mills Bombs.

In the mean time Dick makes himself useful around the town getting to know the inhabitants and become a friendly face. He also secures further supplies of Ambleside carrier pidegons. Tom gives inspiring civics education classes hoping to inspire a firebrand political culture in the town. The lectures go down well but the attendees tend to get the wrong end of the stick and rather than fiery socialists take the key points of the lecture and twist them to a patrician Tory idea of community. Vinne helps Browse pick out ex-forces NCOs to shape the expanded village militia into some sort of shape with drill and refresher training.

Dick and Vinne also further interrogate Niceday as ‘good cop’ Vinnie and ‘bad cop’ Dick. Niceday reveals that the commander of Kendal is Major Brian Hampton, Commander of 7th (Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry) Battalion. The Border Regiment. They become convinced that Niceday isn’t an agent provocateur or spy but the hapless deserter he denies he is. The Major doesn’t get on with the BUF and the Police resent the troops in town as there’s been trouble. Some Royal Highway Patrol Group forces under Superintendent ’Dick’ Delany have also been moved up.

'A' Squadron Yeoman

The Yeomanry TA unit consists of 3 squadrons – each of 3 platoons of around 25 men. ‘A’ Squadron has secured horses. ‘B’ Squadron is mounted on repainted civilian vans and lorriesit also has the Battalions Vickers guns. ‘C’ Squadrons is on bicycles. There are 12 Lewis guns as well – one per platoon the majority of the men are armed with reserve line P14 Enfield Rifles.

'B' Squadron yeomen Lewis Gun team

The BUF are commanded by Barry ‘Candlestick’ Northridge and ex-TA Corporal who was demoted and resigned joined the BUF.  He’s called Candlestick as he can never remember passwords and so routinely carries one on the battlefield to identify himself to his men. He was 2 Companies each of 100 men who are armed with SMLE rifles and lack transport.

BUF Auxillary poster

Delaney’s RHPG contingent are 3-4 lorries with machineguns and other heavy weapons, an equal number of armed cars and a further equal number of motorcycle-sidecar combinations with machine guns.

Finally there is the Kendal Borough Police 30 or so officers including Special Constables with pistols and civilian small arms.

'B' Squadron Yeomen Rifle Team

The ALFIES team consider their options – ambushes on the road from Kendal, uniting the hamlets but then something starts to happen. They think of vulnerabilities of motor transport and the friction between the government units and start to think like spies. With Niceday’s uniform and pay book they begin to plan to infiltrate Kendal and disrupt the garrison before it starts it’s attack.

British Army Paybook

The airlitfted supplies arrive with the Moby Dick with just 4 days to spare – how quickly can the team act?

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  1. Really enjoyed the antics last night – looking forward to next times spy mission.

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