Operation Earwig: Ambleside Defence Force

Equipped with the following

50 x Mosin Nagent

1 x 1910 Russian Maxim

5 Chauchat

5 Colt Revolvers

30 odd sporting rifles/shotguns original platoon had which tend to be issued to ‘runners’ or ammo carriers for the Chauchats or maxim. Platoon commanders carry the revolvers.

Manpower and Organisation

Platoons are made around 20 volunteers, usually 11-13 locals and 6-9 refugees formed into 2-3 sections. 1 section has the platoon Chauchat the others are all rifles etc; Platoon commanders are issued the Colt Revolvers.

Dress tends to be civillian clothing with the odd piece of purlioned military kit. 

The platoons are as folows named after the pubs in which they meet and use as headquarters and rallying points. While NCOs have been chosen officers have been elected.

The Police House Platoon PC Browses initial volunteers these are more full time have an additional section with themaxim. Under the command of PC Michael Browse, the Village bobby who will call on the ALFIES team expertise and commands the whole unit.

The Vale View Platoon– the refugee section here consists of miners from the Lancashire coal pits. They have brought mining helmets for the unit giving it an element of uniformity. Commanded by the Reverend Roberts, the local vicar of Ambelside (not the pyscho in Troutbeck.)

The Ambleside RUFC Platoon – big lads, often wearing their black and yellow stripped shirts. Also known as ‘the Wasps.’ Commander by ‘Mad’ MIke ‘Mauler’ Morris a cauliflower eared broken nosed  WW1 veteran and prop forward.

The Regency Hotel Platoon this unit has attracted more youths and a large number of American culture orientated ‘spivs’ from manchester. It’s members were ‘newsboy’ caps or fedoras rather than shooting hats or flat caps of other units and sharper more fashionable suits. They even call their Chauchat LMG a ‘Parisian Typewriter’ ops/dandys/spivs. Commanded by Billy ‘Flash’ Harris, a young sharply dressed gentlemen of Manchester.

The White Lion Platoon Yorkshire exiles make up the numbers in this unit. It commanded by Richard Everett, Captain of the Village Cricket 1st eleven, shopkeeper, veteran of Galliopi with Royal Naval Division and all round good egg.

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