Operation Earwig – Chaos in Kendal



Having decided on a plan of action and distributed arms to the Ambleside Defence Force the ALFIES team venture into the Lakeland Hills to disrupt the Government force in Kendal about to attack the town.

Strapping socialist rambler andacademic Tom Williams takes navigation duties and in a squalling bitter gales and rain manages to lead the party off route to Hawkswater Reservoir which adds 10 miles to their journey. Approaching Kendal past the village of Staverley the party is stopped and detained by a BUF section. Ken Walthinstow-Browne the roguish and dapper ex-Royal Naval Officer and entrepreneur speaks for the party with a story about being refugees from the East Midlands seeking sanctuary. He is taken to the village Church where a preening cigar smoking BUF officer in a pristine ‘action press’ uniform asks him to account for himself.

Sympathetic to a fellow toff though he is the BUF man decides Ken’s story doesn’t wash and detains the party in the Church’s vestry. They’ve been forced to leave their luggage with their heavy weapons outside. However, their captors haven’t frisked them. When the BUF officer comes to challenge them over the BAR, tommy gun and grenades quick thinking Jewish-American ex-gangster Vinny Vincetii grabs a grenade while Yorkshire raised copper Dick Monroe shoulders  the door shut expelling both the guards and the grenade.

One quick explosion later the ALFIES men swing the doors open and let rip what for with their handguns on the dazed and injured BUF section. Tom spots reinforcements coming through the door while fall in a hail of gunfire from Vinnie’s tommy gun and Ken’s pilfered Lee-Enfield and pistols. Vinnie observes the village is road blocked at both ends with other BUF sections which haven’t heard the fire fight through the thick church walls and the storm. Neglecting to interrogate a surviving wounded BUF man the party make good their escape and head to Kendal.

The arrangements are to meet up after 6 hours, around 4 in the morning and if the other per miss the rendezvous to head off after 30 minutes having some hours of darkness to escape in.

Choosing a rendezvous point on the banks of the River Sprint the party splits. Venturing into the night Vinnie, his tommy-gun and smooth talking Ken with his pilfered Lee Enfield head to the east of the town while Tom and the BAR escorted by a pistol packing DC Monroe, heads to west Kendal.

The ‘dapper dans’ of Ken and Vinny locate the Kendal Borough Police Headquarters. Outside are milling police and Royal Highway Patrol Group auxiliaries around RHPG tenders, cars and bikes parked up on the street.  The spies break into  a nearby secondary school and using the science labs engineer a gas explosion that distracts the lawmen.

Dick and Tom (but no Harry) locate a large courtyard style barracks where the recently reformed 8th Battalion (Westmoreland Yeomanry) The Border Regiment is based with guards on the Courtyard gates. The spies find a dark doorway on the street, Dick picks the lock after a few attempts and the agents steal into the barracks. They find themselves adjacent to some larders and a large kitchen where a civilian woman is stirring a large pot of stew. Dick bravely sneaks up on the woman, grabs her with his hand over her mouth – Tom helps Dick bind and gag her and they put her in the larder. The soaked secret agents enjoy a bowl of stew before adding a jar of cod liver oil to upset the stomach of the garrisons.

Meanwhile back at the Police HQ as the rozzers are distracted the spooks head round the back, sneak into the car park, locating the fuse box, fire escape and exits. They sneak in and find themselves confronted by a custody sergeant at his desk. They cover him with pistols, disarm and pistol whip before open up the jail cells. They find a couple of drunks but eight trade unionists who have been interrogated by the lawmen as suspect revolutionaries.  They welcome the opportunity to join the spies taking up the proffered pilfered Lee Enfield and Sergeants revolver and joining the rampage through the station.  Entering the kitchen a constable is detained and his weapon liberated. A sleeping CID man is awoken, knocked out and his pistol taken. The party then enters the next room and breaks in on a front office and desk with a bevy of police there. Two grenades later the immediate problem is solved but the RHPG vehicles start to open up on the vehicle. The agents and their allies bomb up the stairs where there is a police flats they bump into a bevy of half-dressed officers trying to reinforce their colleagues and dispatch them in a one sided fire fight.

Kendal Mint Cake

Checking out the first floor the agents dropped grenades on the RHPG tenders and managed to get them plumb on the tender mounted machine guns covering the police and auxies ready to storm the HQ. Escaping up on the roof the agents covered by a rifle toting trade unionist as they use a fire escape to get back into the car park. Bidding their farewell to the locals (the kernel of a future Kendal Liberation Front?) Vinny and Ken snatch a deserted RHPG motorcycle combination with a 1909 Hotchkiss LMG which Vinny despite a leg injured in the fire fights manages to gun into the night heading to the RVP.

Back at the barracks Tom and Dick advance into a dining room where a senior police officer, BUF commander and 3 army officers are drinking brandy and pouring over a map at the high table inthe mess. The player character commandos chuck a brace of grenades and continuing the ALFIES run of good luck they land on the middle of the map. The two most seasoned Army officers dive under the long tables and as the grenades dispatch their comrades shoot at the agents legs from underneath the table ‘Miller Crossing style.’ Tom takes a wounds in each calves and responds by diving flat out on the table and dragging himself along. Dick fires some rounds under the table and then flips a spare table on its side, uses it as cover and takes a grenade out, primes it and gives it some seconds.   An Army Major rolls out from the table and rises next to Tom and they exchange fire – Tom empties his BAR magazine and manages to get one bullet on Major that proves fatal and is lucky the officer misses.

The surviving officer flees the room while Dick throws his grenade which unfortunate lads right into front of Dick who manages to get up on his knees and using his BAR like a cricket bat whacks the grenade to explode harmlessly out of the room. All that time with the Manchester Institute of Technology’s 1stXI proved not to be  wasted.

Despite Tom’s wounds he and Dick determine to push on and bring yet more chaos to Kendal.

Next Time… can Tom and Dick rampage through the barracks without a ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ moment? Will Vinny and Ken make it back to Ambleside? What will become of the Ambleside Defence Force and the Kendal Liberation Front? Find out next month same blog, same blogger.

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