Enemy Aviators


Royal Air Force 

The RAF has mainly supported the Governemnt so the mainstay of the Edwardists aviation comes from them. The RAF shoulders most of the burden of bombings raids on Liverpool, escorting sea convoys (given the Navy’s defection to the rebels), observation, reconissance and spotting work.

Some examples of their air craft are above. Many of the familiar WW2 designs are not yet in service. RAF Squadrons are stuck between using old pre-war Silver paint schemes and camoflague ones with fighters prefering the former and Bomber Command the later. The nearest airbase is RAF Hooton very close to the front lines in Southern Wirral.

The yellow ringed Roudnel above is used on camoflagued craft, the non yellow ringed on light coloured planes and the fin flash features on all RAF planes. RAF pilots and aircrew wear blue-grey uniforms,

National League of Airmen

Originally a patriotic body that campaigned on air defence the League was absorbed by the BUF in 1936. Since then it has become a party airforce, and also recruits Foriegn voluneeter pilots to serve in it’s Anti-Bolshevik Squadrons. National League Squadrons tend to fly a mismatch of planes, old RAF types which were to be decommissioned, civillian trainers like Tiger Moths which can take a machine gun and donated old planes that foriegn govenrment have made avilable (i.e Spanish second hand cast offs.)

A lot of it’s work is transporting BUF troops by plane and it has Women’s Auxillary Squadrons to perform this role. 

BUF planes have the BUF lightening Flash in a white circle ont he wings and body and either the flag or a Union Flag pained on the tail fin.   They tend to be black for bombers and white with red wing tips and fins for Fighters.

Uniform for all ranks is a black cap, light blue shirt, Black tie, black trousers and jacket with a BUF armband.

Falcon Legion

This is a fighter Squadron of Heinkel He51 bi-planes and bomber squadron junkers JU 52 & JU 87 bombers which is piloted by German volunteers. They are rotated to where they are most needed and wear National League of Airmen uniforms with a red, white and plack cockade (german national colours) in placed of the cap badge.  Their planes also have National League markings.

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