Commander Ernest ‘Scrubs’ Wormwood, BUF Special Services

Commander of BUF Special Services (secret police) in Manchester and surrounding areas of Lancashire, ‘Scrubs’ came close to hunting down the Operation APHID team and regards their escape as a consequences of Royal Highway Patrol Group (RHPG)  bungling. 

A former Scotland Yard detective and amateur journalist Wormwood first came to prominance as a member of the Organisation for the Maintenance of Supplies – established in 1925 to provide volunteers in the event of a general strike. During the General Strike of 1926 the OMS was taken over by the government and was used to provide vital services such as transport and communications. 

 This put him in contact with various right wing movements and he secured a secret part-time journalistic role with the  ‘Action’ the newspaper of Mosley’s New Party (which later became the BUF.) 

A Great War  (Military Police) & Scotland Yard veteran (including time with Special Branch,) Wormwood was an early recurit to Special Services. He has maintained his police rank and indeed has been transfered and promoted to a Detective Chief Inspector with Manchester Police. he holds down this position alongside his BUF duties. He runs both Manchester Police Special Branch and BUF SS from one floor of the Palace Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester. As such Wormwood is the principal counter-espionage, anti-sabotage and counter-insurgency commander in the city of Manchester.

Wormwood dresses for the occassion. He often wears a smart suit for dealing with Judges or Councillors or working in the office. Intimidating a witness he might be in a full peaked cap and leather trenchcoat of his formal BUF Commander’s regalia or for addressing BUF supporters the old style ‘fencing shirt’ of the everyday blackshirt. His pencil moustache and general appearance  is always impeccable.

Much like ‘The Leader’ Wormwood’s charms supposedly make him irrestiable to women a fact he takes advantage of. he is also suspected of being charged with keeping an eye on William ‘Bully’ Boyce, BUF Chief for the whole of the North West and Commander of the Lancashire seige of Liverpool.

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