Inspector Kirby Hargrove, Royal Reconnaissance Service

Born in the early years of the 20th century like many of his generation Kirby Hargrove saw service in the Great War as  a Boy Soldier of 16. Unusually for senior Government Officers in the North West it was as  Kyrylo  Horgalski, the bastard son of an unusually generous Russian nobleman who had benefited from a generous education (from an British ex-Indian hand tutor.) Parental favour found himself fighting as a junior NCO in an unfashionable cavalry unit.  The 1917 shock of mutinies, revolution and civil war saw Horgalski desert and race home only to find he was too late and the Reds had descended on his birth father’s country estate and butchered the old man and Kyrylo’s half-siblings.

Filled with hatred and uncomfortably far from the nearest ‘white’ unit he put himself to the service of the British embassy in St Petersburg serving alongside side such infamous spies as Riley the so-called ‘Ace of Spies.’  With the Reds vanquishing the opposition Hargrove managed to escape Russia and favouring his new masters over the bitterness of the ‘white’ exile movement he served in the Palestinian Police (alongside his future enemy Marceau Cairns) primarily in an intelligence capacity. Excelling in service Hargrove, as the now naturalised Russian chose to be called, resigned the Palestinian Police and spent the thirties acting as a private investigator in London.  His main duties were as a ‘Jeeves’ rescuing foolish upper class youths from romatnic indiscrections, blackmail, shame, drug addiction, criminal prosectuiions and the like. Such was his skill that in this capacity he on several occassions assisted the Prince of Wales and future Edward VIII.  Between such jobs he helped the Security Service keep an eye on Russian emigres and Soviet spies.

As a Secret Service man he was asked to attend BUF meeting and keep an eye on the Blackshirts. This he did and such was his ability he was recognaised and reespected by the BUF as ‘one of them,’ even though his deeply conservative and monarchist tendencies meant Kirby had little time for the ‘pantomine antics’ and ‘staged radicalisim’ of facisim. When the coutnry began to fall apart in the wake of the Coronation Crises Kirby was offerered several commands, he chose the position of RSS Inspector for Cheshire which he obtained on the personal recommendation fo the King to Lord Farndom.

In his command Hargrove is frustrated by the BUF edicts limiting his powers to Cheshire but has made the best of the situation, his competence has led Farndon to give him command of the all rear area security forces i the County. He was brought Superintendent Delany’s Royal Highway Patrol to heel as a fast response unit, given local police command of patrols so local knowledge can be best used and formed a RSS Independent Parachute Company which can used to cut off likely escape routes on the County’s borders.

Hargrove is 6’2″ and has a straping rugby players physique (he discovered the game in Palestine but has no time for football or cricket which he regards as effeminate.) He often dresses as a country gentleman in tweeds when not in a RSS uniform. He never sleeps in the same place twice and uses a converted bus as a mobile headquarters in which he roams the County witha  staff car and RSS outriders. He stays in touch with forces via radio and taking over local telephone exchanges.

RSS Cap and armband badge

 The RSS used by the kind permission of Stormwatch from the Gentlemen’s Wargame Parlour.

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