Superintendent Richard ‘Dick’ Delany RHPG (Lt. RN rtd)

(Excerts from ALFIES Flies 110329-RHPG-A)

A 6’4″ strapping fellow with an easy manner ‘Dirty Dick’ Delany had a varied career before he became Commander of the NW (North West) Patrol of the Royal Highway Patrol Group.

Scion of a wealthy line before the Great War he competed air and land races accompanied by his loyal man servant Reginald Mutley.  Wth the arrival of the Great War Delany arranged to serve with his chum the Duke of Westminister’s Royal Navy Air Service’s Armoured Car Section. He saw service in Belgium and when trench warfare stagnated he served on the Russian front. Come the Russian revolution Delany resigned his commission and was last seen with two Belgium deserters of the Auto-Canons Mitrailleuses Corps and a stolen armoured car. Rumour had it they were in possession of a map that would take them to the treasure of the lost Plateau of Leng.

Delany later surfaced a colder, harder man using amroured cars to run whiskey over the US Canadian border during prohibition. When things got to hot there he moved to Mexico and tequila smuggling. His life of crime was partly due to an urge for adrenalin but also due to the collapse of the family fortune. After some skullduggery in the 1930s as a mercenary in Bolivia he returned home for the crises and was one of the first recruits for the Royal Highway Patrol Group.

With the ever loyal Mutley as his Patrol Sergeant he commands a dozen vehicles and a hundred men who roam from the Scottish border to North Wales with free reign. Delany has a harsh attitude to the ‘absolute shower’ of terrorists and considers any hostages he shoots or collatoral damage as ‘hard cheese.’  He has encouraged his men in a piractical, free booting and free looting attitude.

Delany is a dapper fellow and has a variety of outfits. Sometimes he has his old naval reefer jacket and cravat worn with his Naval Cap (the stiffening removed to make it a ‘crusher’ and easier to fit headphones over) on other occassions he dons a coutnry shooting jacket of Norfolk and plus fours.  Once he pursued Anglican League rebels around Macclesfield he wore cricket whites for a week- gesturing to his men with a cricket bat.  

Delany has contacts throughout the armed services and is said to be on very friendly terms with the RAF pilots at Hatton and Wilmslow.

Delany was last encounted by agents during Operation APHID in which resulted in the ‘Norley massacre’ – he now walks with a limp thanks to a pupil of Beech Hall School, serving with the Cheshire Public School’s Battalion who managed to stick him with a bayonet. Despite this he led his men in fast pursuit of Operation APHID resulting night fighting with Welsh Nationalists of the BRC.

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