The Forces Beseiging Liverpool

 The government forces attacking Liverpool are divided into two parts. Both are formally part of the Northern Army but due to the personalities involved they have a very different feel. 


Led by Lord Farndon this force is Headquartered from Chester and focused on attacking Liverpool from the South and River front. It is conservative and consists of mercenaries and almost feudal forces. It does not have much in the way of Fascist components.


Led by William ‘Bully boy’ Boyce a BUF Party leader, this force besieges the Northern and Eastern suburbs of the city. It also has sent forces to the Isle of Man. Boyce are heavily National Socialist leading on the radical wing of the party.  He is deputised by Thomas Hackett an ex-Liverpool Labour MP who shares his politics.  It is fiercely ideological and attracts numerous Fascist fractions and foreign volunteers. There is a regular Army component but it is frustrated by ideological decisions of the local leadership.

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