The Army of Chester

Some of the forces on the Cheshire front players might encounter.

The Black Russians

Recruited from Russian Émigrés in Paris by the Duke’s French mistress these are devoted anti-Red infantry and elite quality forming a crack assault battalion.

Farndon’s Light Horse

These forces are formed into or loaned to Brigades as needed:

Rolls Royce Recognisance Squadron RR armoured cars (regular)

Tank Squadron tankettes/Panzer Is. (veteran)

Cheshire Yeomanry TA mounted infantry with regular weapons

Cheshire Hunt Scouts light cavalry militia with sporting weapons

Wirral Harriers Horse Grenadiers light cavalry militia with shotguns

Oxton Dragoons light cavalry militia with sporting weapons 

Brigade to Save the Wirral from Bolshevism (BSWB)

Wirral Conservative and Reactionary volunteers who frankly find the Blackshirts a bit ‘vulgar’ stiffened by Foreign mercenaries.

1st Battalion (North Wirral) Local Defence Volunteers (sporting weapons militia)

2nd Battalion (South Wirral) Local Defence Volunteers  (sporting weapons militia) 

Cheshire Grenadiers Battalion (foreign mercenaries – militia but with better weapons)


Fardon Estate  Milita  ‘Home farm boys’ brigade

Farndon Estate Battalion (rifle armed militia)

Alford Estate Battalion (rifle armed militia) 

Holt Estate Battalion (rifle armed militia) 

Cheshire Brigade

2nd Battalion Cheshire Regiment regulars

Cheshire Public Schools Cadet Battalion militia with decent equipment and exceedingly stiff upper lips.

Cheshire Guard regular foreign mercenaries

British Union of Fascists Legion of St. George

The Legion of St George is the BUF’s main force of mobile foot borne infantry. A cut above militias with old soldiers as NCOs and Officers is the mainstay of BUF Forces. They are sometimes truck transported by the BUF Transport Corps but don’t have their own vehicles.

Lord Farndon refuses to let BUF forces under his command former in any formation larger than a battalion. As a result their formations tend to be used as line of communications or static defence troops in his area. If they are needed on the offensive they tend to be attached to other formations on a temporary basis.

City of Chester battalion

Birkenhead & District battalion

Macclesfield Battalion (‘the Macc Lads’)

Lady Hamilton Battalion (Parkgate Pankhurstists Ladies)


Other BUF  legions

More mobile BUF cavalry or mechanised forces are called Legions often named after their recruiting area. They are usually a bit better than legion of St George Forces.

British Union of Fascists Wheat Sheaf Legion

An expanded Battalion sized battlegroup including a cavalry Squadron and supporting armoured cars with truck borne Infantry the ‘Wheatsheaf Legion is regarded as an dangerous BUF force on the Cheshire front and has Lord Farndon’s grudging respect.

 British Union of Fascists Legion of the Dragon

An Infantry battalion of pro-BUF Welsh exiles the ‘Dragon boyos’ are frequently posted to guard against incursions from Nationalist North Wales. They have a small moutned units and are


Farndon does not allow BUF milita to operate in his territory their place is filled by Local Defence Volunteers.  

 Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale Legion ‘Deva Roma’

A combined arms force of Italian volunteers consisting of

  • 2 Blackshirt Rifle Battalions
  • 1 Army Tankette. squadrons
  • 1 Airforce Fighter Squadron

Local Defence Volunteers

Farndon positively encourages the local conservative establishment and ‘good’ yeomen to form these miltia units for local defence, Not only does he see local knowledge and ‘patriotism’ as good things in themselves but as a almost mystical barrier to Bolshevism in his patrician and pastoral view of the world.

Pendragon Array

A local and peculiar to Cheshire force allied but separate from English Array in the South of England. It consists of about 300 persons who wear curious uniforms that blend modern battledress with Sutton hoo style helmets. They consist of moutned infanty and HMGs and anti-tank weapons mounted on the back of what can only be called chariots. Their aims are unclear but they have been unknown to be involved in odd ceremonies on Alderly Edge.

Royal Reconissance Service 5th Battalion

A Royalist (as opposed to Facist) reconissance unti of skirmishers and sharpshooters (thanks to Stormwell for the GWP forums for allowing me to use them.)

Royal Navy Officers Commando (RNCO) 

A highly motivated force of  Naval Officers out for revenge on the rabble that mutinied againist them.  ( RN officer may also turn up commanding BUF Forces, Pro-Government Local Defence Volunteers and Auxillary Police in their old senior service rig. )

National League of Seamen

A reactionary unit of silaors and yachtsmen who operate small boats out of the Dee deploying RSS, RNCO or Legion of the Dragon forces at night into Wirral or North Wales under the noses of the muinious Navy vessels under Liverpudlian control.

Royal Air Force

As well as providing air support he RAF has aquiried some ground forces to defend their airfields.

RAF Regiment organised guards in RAF blue uniforms it includes a number of armoured cars.

Air Defence Training Corps teenage auxillaries armed with captured weapons and usually used as observers

National League of Airmen

This ‘patriotic’ conservative pro-airower association also has some milita on the Cheshire front.  they also fly converted civillian planes and work closely with german volunteer squadrons of the ‘Falcon legion.’

NLA 3rd (Cheshire) Paratrooper Battalion  don’t have any parachutes or training but they hope too. They cut a dash in their field caps and loose smocks.

NLA 8th (Cheshire) Rifle Battalion act as supplementary guards as NAL Airfields.

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