The Army of Liverpool

Army of Liverpool

Boyce’s Army is much more modern than Farndon’s and has a greater fascist feel.


Under Boyce’s personal command these forces consist of dedicated Natioanl Socialist to whom any alliance with the King (and to some extent the ‘watered down’ fascism of Mosley) is an alliance of convenience.

5th Column Cells – are undercover agents behind Free State lines

Bully’ Boyce’s Bodyguard – black leather trench coated and jackbooted thugs who escort the leader in black Mercedes touring cars and BMW motorcycles combinations.

1st & 3rd Stormtrooper Battalions – German equipped mechanised forces. Each battalion has some light tanks, a few scout cars and motorcycle combinations and a mix of truck and half track mounted Infantry. They are often used as fire-fighters to reinforce success and block Free State victories. They have German style helmets, webbing and equipment but wear BUF insignia, British Khaki uniforms and boots.  

NSL Commando a light battalion of troops specially equipped for raids and behind the lines missions. Rumour is that they frequently operate in enemy units and have even had training from German equivalent units. Otherwise they dress like Stormtroopers but with peaked German mountain troop style caps.


The ‘normal’ Army has a thankless task on the Liverpool front as their victories are credited to BUF forces and their defeats all their own work. Many of the Senior officers are disgruntled but Boyce see’s to it that politically sympathetic officers are gradually taking over his local Army officer corps.

South Lancashire brigade

2nd battalion Manchester Regiment

1st battalion, South Lancashire Regiment (‘the Excellers’)

North lancs brigade

2nd battalion, Loyal regiment (North Lancashire) Regiment

5th battalion, Loyal regiment (North Lancashire) Regiment (TA)

6th battalion, Loyal regiment (North Lancashire) Regiment (TA)

East lancs brigade  

1st battalion, East Lancashire Regiment

4th battalion, East Lancashire Regiment (TA)

5th battalion, East Lancashire Regiment (TA)



These are the mainstay of Boyce’s forces and recieve preferential treatment compared with the Army even if they have less trainign to make use of equipment, recurits and material.

British Union of Fascists Legion of St.George

The Legion of St George is the BUF’s main force of mobile foot borne infantry. It’s a cut above cut above militias with old soldiers as NCOs and Officers. They are sometimes truck transported by the BUF Transport Corps but don’t have their own vehicles.

Bully Boyce encourages Legion forces to assemble in large units and promotes recruitment of these forces. He has also put his own German equipped mechanised National Socialist League Stormtrooper Battalion in the Mancunian Division to support and indoctrinate it.

Mancunian Division, BUF Legion of St.George

1st Manchester & District Brigade

1st ‘2nd ‘& 3rd Manchester & District (M&D) Battalions

2nd  Manchester & District Brigade

4th, 5th & 6th (M&D) Battalions

3rd  Manchester & District Brigade

7th, 8th & 9th (M&D) Battalions

NSL 2nd Stormtooper Battalion


Lancashire Division, BUF Legion of St George

North West Brigade

St Helens & District Battalion (the Glass Blowers)

Stockport Battalion (the Hatters)

Liverpool & District Battalion

South Lancashire and North Cheshire Brigade   

Widnes ‘Viking’ Battalion

Runcorn ‘Warriors’ Battalion

Warrington ‘Wolves’ Battalion

West Lancs Brigade

Lancaster & District Battalion

Preston & District Battalion

River Alt Battalion (Formby,Southport & Ormskirk Companies)

Fylde Coast Battalion

Other BUF  legions

More mobile BUF cavalry or mechanised forces are called Legions often named after their recruiting area. They are usually a bit better than legion of St George Forces.

British Union of Fascists Legion of the Red Rose

A Brigade sized force recruited from across Lancashire which has been using armoured narrowboats to advance down the Leeds-Liverpool canal. It also has motorcycle combination, cyclist, truck mounted Infantry and Cavalry companies.


Boyce positively encourages a BUF Militia to be established in every town, hamlet and district under his control. Often identified by little more than a BUF armband and/or a black jersey and armed with captured shotguns and sporting weapons Boyce considers them a valuable first line of defence against rebellion and a physical presence of New Order in the North West,


Local Defence Volunteers

Where an area has an existing LDV force Boyce does not feel safe to disarm them and send his own people in. However LDV forces will be short changed of supplies and back-up in the hopes they will see the light.

National league of Seamen

A reactionary unit of silaors and yachtsmen who operate small boats out of the Flyde coast deploying NSL 5th columnist and Commandos  forces at night into Liverpool held territory, Wirral or North Wales under the noses of the muinious Navy vessels under Liverpudlian control.

Royal Air Force

As well as providing air support he RAF has aquiried some ground forces to defend their airfields.

RAF Regiment organised guards in RAF blue uniforms it includes a number of armoured cars.

Air Defence Training Corps teenage auxillaries armed with captured weapons and usually used as observers

National League of Airmen

This ‘patriotic’ conservative pro-airower association also has some milita on the Cheshire front.  they also fly converted civillian planes and work closely with german volunteer squadrons of the ‘Falcon legion.’

NAL 4th (Lancs) Paratrooper Battalion  don’t have any parachutes or training but they hope too. They cut a dash in their field caps and loose smocks.

NAL 9th (Lancs) Rifle Battalion act as supplementary guards as NAL Airfields.

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