6. A.L.F.I.E.S Allies

This is a section to list the friends of ALFIES agents including Free State and allied militas and benign non-player characters.

We have information on the brave pilots that’ll help PCs get to there missions https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/6-a-l-f-i-e-s-allies/aviators/

We have information on the sailors that will driop them off as hostile coasts https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/6-a-l-f-i-e-s-allies/ex-royal-navy-in-free-state-service/

And we have information ont he fighting men at the front https://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/6-a-l-f-i-e-s-allies/the-militas/

Later on they’ve be more info on NPCS though the crew of the Bette Davis are already up under Aviators.

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