Liverpool’s Air Forces


Given the disperate nature of the Liverpool Free state airforces it is some miracle they have all agreed to use a Liverpool Tricolour fin flash on their tails. The exception is the ‘acquired’ Catalina seaplane te Bette Davis whose disinct line and unique aircraft type means it carries no insignia (see specific posting on her and her crew for more details


As for their fuselage and wing markings there is no unity there. Some more co-operatively minded pilots also put Liverpool tricolour colours on their wing tips (red on the outside edge) but the indivudal squadrons adopt their own roundels and other insigina.

Liverpool People’s Fleet Air Arm (Air Crew on LFS Arch Republican) – the former Ark Royal in Birkenhead dock is flying old Fleet Air Arm craft – piloted by a mixture of renegage officers and promoted mechanics, flyign as Petty Officer pilots it’s squadrons are divided by aircraft type and frequently spilt on politcal grounds. Commonly seen about town in their mixture of Naval rating & officers dress and red silk neck scarves they are close enough and have enough swagger to form a ‘cardinals guard’ type rivalry with the Birkenhead Badgers group as the ‘musketeers.’ They are united in their loyalty to the good fight but that doesnt stop them trying to embarrass each other or the occassional freindly punch up in the bars and bordellos of Liverpool and Birkenhead. Surprisingly the ‘wet’ Navy will often take the PCs side such is the arrogance and success with the ladies of the ‘People’s Fleet Air Arm.

Some Naval pilots adorn this with either a Liverbird or an anchor in yellow at the centre of the Roundel which appears on the wings and body of their planes. The noses of Naval planes are frequently adorned with revolutionary slogans and cartoons. To further distinguish their planes from the two tone camoflagued RAF , red & white National League of Airmen and black Falcon Legion planes the PFAA has adopted a Navy blue paint scheme for bombers and plane light grey for fighters.
Basic Liverpool PFAA Roundel


LPFAA Gloster Gladiator over The Wirral

People’s Volunteer Squadron

Equipped with Soviet lend lease squadron this unit of Spanish Civil War veterans, Soviet volunteer advisers and hand picked Communist Party of Great Britain youth flies out of Speke airport.  Dour and deadly serious the unit is very ideologically pure staffed with decided Moscow-line following Communists. It does have a reputation for hard partying but in the environs of the air port – any visits to the City are escorted by it’s poltical officers who are Soviet trained. There uniforms are mainly soviet with the occassionaly local touches such as red liverbird cap badges.

The dour khaki aircraft of the Soviet equipped (and largely manned) PVS carry simple red stars on the body and wings of the craft. They are not permitted any other adornment.

 PVS Polikarpov I-16 ‘Rata’

Wild Geese Squadron Linked to the Wild Geese Battalion of Irish Free State ‘Volunteers’ fighting in the Celtic Tiger Division this is an force of mainly Irish Americans a smattering of Australians and Irishmen flying aircraft funded by donations from the US Irish community – namely 12  They fly from Croxeth park ( –   dashing in their seagreen tailored uniforms, garrison caps at a jaunty angle and often exotic they have a good natured rivalry with the Navy & Flying Circus but for ideological grounds are suspicous of the PVS. 

 Wild Geese Consoldiated P-30

These Irish and Irish American aircraft are painted a seagreen which matches the Irish Free State uniforms they wear. As well as the Star roundels which are just on the upper and lower sides of  their plane’s wings tend to feature sexy pin girl nose art which matches their swaggering style.

Birkenhead Badgers Flying Circus

All other pilots with their varied planes are formed into a squadron flying out of Birkenhead Park (oldest publicy funded park in the Uk and inspired Central Park, New York.) Their insignia tend to be individualist though badgers tend to feature on the nose art (wether as viking warriors, sexy lady badger pin ups, fighter pilots etc;) often the PFAA roundel or a Red star  is on the wings to aid identification. 

Badger claw marks or paw prints are used to show kills.

The Good Ship Bette Davis a wild card in all this is the Bette Davis a ‘liberated’ US Navy Catalina flying boat with a  diverse crew who are invovled in agent drop offs, escorting convoys in the ‘Battle of the North Sea’, hunting ‘pirate’ submarines and riasing hell. Much more on them a later date.

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