Maria Webber aka ‘The Cleaner’

Agent 000#

Maria Webber AKA Mary Webster AKA Mariah Von Wenter AKA Sarah LeBroc AKA The Black Widow AKA The Cleaner AKA The Cha-Lady AKA Lady Death AKA The Terminatress

Call her what you will – Maria (if that’s her real name) is one of a kind.

A woman in her middle to late thirties thought with a slouch and a shuffle she can age herself by a several decades if she’s not being paid attention to. Maria has curly brownish red hair (normally cut short and often hidden by a  headscarf) and a jaw-dropping hourglass figure though she rarely wears anything to draw attention to it.

The keen eyes will also notice that she is lithely but very impressively muscled and is known to ‘pump’ iron in the backroom of Cairn’s offices. She also seems to have a knowledge of boxing, some French technique called Savate and is known to study Chinese boxing and wrestling from contacts in Chinatown.

Word is that Maria is wanted by the police forces of five countries for various unfortunate husbands who came to sticky ends. This seems to fit uneasily with her broad Liverpudillian accent, the fag hanging of the bottom lip and rough scrub ladies hands she has. Carousing Liverpool police detectives  have let it be known in pubs and clubs she was suspected of several murders of Gentlemen callers and sweethearts in the city itself. Such loud mouthed police have sometimes sufferred terrible accidents. The one who drunkenly fed himself head first into a clothes mangle being a notable example.

Maria first became a legend in ALFIES for the assassination of BUF Brigade Leader Dawlpool – a BUF Special Services commander for the North West who had been ruthlessly executing hostages in an effort to bring occupied territory to heel. Maria shuffled through the offices as a char lady till she came to Dawpool’s offices. As he fumbled for the change for a cuppa and a fondant fancy Maria swivelled her cha trolly to face him and pressed the button which fired the six shotguns she’d welded underneath the trolly shelf. that was the end of Dawlpool and quite a few of his staff. Maria then pulled twin mauser ‘Broonhandle’ automatic pistols out from beneath her pinny, straighted up to her full 5’8″ and blew her way out of Special Services Headquarters and into the Mancunian night – promising that she’d be back.  

On another occassion it’s said she killed a Field Security Police squad with nothing but a mop and a bucket.

Rosie often just wears a blue boilers suit, head sharf and belt with weapons on it – sometimes he has trenchcoat and brodie helmet if the conditions merit it. She favours sophisticated continental cigerettes but tends to smoke them like a prudent housewife trying to make the most of their ‘baccy ration. In the field she’ll wear whatever the job takes from nigthblub designer dresses and furs to service dress to a cha ladies uniform.

Maria is known to be  a close confient of Cairns and frequently acts as his bodyguard. She rarely works with a team (and her team mates have a low survival rate.) She has an ability to make problems disappear.

 If she has cause to turn up the players characters are in real trouble…or REAL trouble.

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