The Dingle Dogs

Formally the 3rd Company the Dingle Local Defence Volunteers the ‘Dingle Dogs’ are a notorious hard fighting miltia which have come to be used by ALFIES as a useful auxiliary force. The Dingle as it’s locally known is the last of the working class inner city districts of Southern Liverpool. Further South one starts to hit middle class suburbs.

Sketch of Corporal Bert 'Growler' Gordon, Dingle Dogs w Lewis Gun in usual casual civillian dress, liberated Tam O'Shanter with back alley workshop pressed Liver Bird badge and Free State armband.

They were formed early in the siege of the Free City by ‘Gentlemen’ Roy Jameson, a disgraced former Liverpool City Policeman who found a calling in a criminal career. Jameson had in the First World War who became involved in the Black Market. In return for quietly turning King’s evidence he escaped prosecution, was booted out of the force and became crime kingpin of the district.

The Company was in effect Jameson’s burliest henchmen and a smattering of hangers on and other rowdies. The gangsters didn’t fit in with the respectable working class companies of the Local Defence Force and as a result there were brawls and even a knifing.  It didn’t help that the ‘Dogs’ as they came to be insulted were better equipped than their comrades – motor transport came in the form of a number of lorries (‘liberated’ from the Higson’s brewery) and regular army weapons were acquired (from stocks put aside for the reformed Liverpool Irish battalion.)

The Dogs were fierce fighters but hadn’t left criminal activity behind – they continued to run rackets, gambling and prostitution in the Dingle when not at the front. They were all the worse now they had authority and firearms to use against their competitors. Eventually the Chief Constable of the City Police had had enough and in a dawn raid a heavily armed Police Field Force arrested the Dogs after a night of drunken debauchery.

Head of ALFIES Marceau Cairns saw an opportunity and intervened – rather than a firing squad or inglorious punishment in a penal labour unit the Dogs would serve ALFIES as a back-up force. Jameson readily accepted and hopes to use his units martial exploits to depose Cairns and get to the richest pickings in the City. Cairns of course knows this.

The unit is around 30 hard tough men organised in 10 man rifle squads based around a Lewis gun. They are brought in when an ALFIES mission needs hard but expendable muscle.


(Sketch by Stephen Downey)

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