Celtic Tigers Division (Irish, Scots & Welsh)

The Free State has bandied together a set of ‘Celtic’ Battalions into a ‘Celtic Tigers’ Division which is effectively being used as a guard type unit to turnover crucial enagements. With the IRA and other components it is well suited to lend forces to assist ALFIES activties.

Irish Brigade

Wild Geese Battalion

 Irish Free State regualrs sent to keep England busy while the Free State absorbs the Six Counties. The reason for their Germanic appearance is simply that the Irish did adopt a German look including the Stalhelm between the war only getting more British looking uniforms with the outbreak of Wordl War Two. See below for hsitorical photo:


This is a Unit armed with Lee Enfields Vickers and lewis guns with the occassional tommy gun. The Wild Geese Battalion is be the largest battalion in the ‘Celtic Tigers’ Division.

1st IRA (Scotland Road) Battalion

Scotland Road who returned an Irish National MP into the late 1920s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._P._O’Connor 

These Republican Irish and Liverpool Irish volunteers are well motivated and have a kernal of experienced troops. It mainly wears civillian dress with Irish Tricolour armbands on the left arm and Liverpool tricolour on the right. it’s equipped with a  mix of British or German rifles,  shotguns and most pen carry a pistol. It has the occassional tommy gun which they pool together into assault platoons or sections. There is no love lost between experienced IRA them and the Widl Geese Battalion (as they would have been on opposite sides in the Irish Civil War.)

 The reformed Liverpool Irish TA battalion completes the 1st (Irish) Brigade. it’s based on an original British Army unit disbanded 1922 – in regular British uniform mixed with civillian dress(with Caubeen as headgear. It is low on equipment, mainly being equipped with Lee Enfield rifles.

A 2nd (Mixed) Brigade is to consist of

A battalion Liverpool Scottish – kilted and glengarried liverpool-Scots unit. iI’s well trained and equipped and wears British Army equipment with Scottish distinctions.

 All Welsh Battalion (Green) made up of various forces:

Liverpool Welsh Free Church Council Fusiliers around 200 men and are sympathetic to the Anglican League.

Welsh Republican Army in Exile – around 100  men take a IRA approach to Wales’ future.

Free Druid Army –  30 men & women with a bizare misty eyed mystical approach to Welsh freedom.

Free Wales Communist Party – 30 Welsh communist nationalists

Commandant Cliffe’s Celtic ‘Mighty Red’ Reivers

An odd unit of armoured cars, motorcyle troops etc; principally held together by the eccentric leadership style of Commandant Cliffe and predominantly recruited from celts or celtic descended Scousers. It uses improvised and jury rigged equipment like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Beaverette

 It’s  fiercely socialist adn therefore susipcious of  the  bourgois nationalists it’s brigaded with…

All-Irish Artillery

Combined force of Irish sailors, volunteers and ex-regulars who are serving jury built guns and Soviet donated museum pieces.

Tarleton’s Dragoons

A small force of Scottish  troops (around 100 men) who are mounted on ponys wear distinctive blue jackets and kilts or trews in it’s various members family tartans with Glengarrys or Tam O’shanters. They are made up of Scottish or Scots descended anti-Edward conservatives (witha  lot of Canadians.) Sympathetic to the Anglican league, it’s named after a famous son of Liverpool that made his name in the American War of Independence.

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