Oliver Queen

Oversized portrait of Queen and 2 sniper section members

Oliver Queen is a scion of a wealthy New England family –
liberal Democrat activist, playboy, amateur boxer, philanthropist, big game
hunter, US Olympic Archery competitor and now militia leader in the Very
British Civil War.

As part of the US Olympic team the Roosevelt supporting
millionaire was disgusted by Hitler’s Germany when he competed in the 1936
Berlin Olympics. In fact he was disqualified from competing in the final after
socking an Nazi stormtrooper in the jaw on a night out. When Mosley came to
power in Britain Oliver campaigned for the Liverpool cause but soon got
frustrated and decided he needed to be where the action was!

Not one to waste time Queen hired mercenary officers and
recruited men from his liberal Ivy League friends and refugees from Europe to
form the Oliver Queen Roosevelt Rough Rangers. They are named in honour of his
distant cousin Teddy Roosevelt’s volunteers in the Spanish American War and his
distant cousin FDR’s politics.

Naming an intervention force after the current President of
US didn’t win Oliver Queen any fans in the State Department, who persuaded J .Edgar
Hoover to get his G-men to keep an eye on the unit as it training in the US
mid-west as a cavalry squadron. Oliver’s unique approach to leadership meant
only a platoon of 30 or so men stayed around to join him when he boarded men,
horses and equipment on a ship bound for Liverpool. Efforts by Federal officers
to arrest him prior to shipping resulted in a two fisted response and Queen is
now a wanted man stateside , his ship narrowly avoiding interception by the US

Once in Liverpool some ‘confusion’ at the docks resulted in
his unit’s horses going amiss – rumours that Dockworkers saw that they ended up
with the ‘Croxeth Park Cossacks’ a Worker’s Army Cavalry miltia are surely just
muck raking. Now fighting on foot Queen demanded his men were put in the thick
of the action, the Naval Army and Miltiia (NAM) Committee of the Free City on
the other hand wanted to use the untested pocket sized yank force to relieve
tired local militias in quiet sectors.

Those sectors didn’t stay quiet for long. Queen led his
Rangers in ambitious trench raids that frequently led to major confrontations
in the very areas the NAM brass were hoping to keep quiet.  The Rangers were often not about to help
defend the sectors after the raids as Queen took them to celebrate their
‘victories’ in rear line canteens and pubs.

Rather than shoot the American benefactor it’s been decided
that Queen and his men are best suited to operate in conjunction with ALFIES
perhaps in an isolated mission where his sense of initiative can be turned to
the forces advantage.

The Rough Rangers

The Rough Rangers are a rag-taggle bunch of uniquely
equipped, immaculately uniformed and bizarrely diverse infantry. Their curious
use of lever action fire arms and bows and arrows has resulted in them being
nicknamed ‘the cowboys and Indians.’ That description is usually prefixed by a
sexual verb and a followed by a sexual noun if the speaker has served with the unit.


Queen is the Commander of the Rough Rangers and holds that
rank (which is a naval rank for someone commanding a light cruiser but this
hasn’t stopped him deciding he likes it and using the appropriate rank badges.)

Second in Command is his ‘Lt Commander’ Colonel Jim Channon.
Jim is an ex-US Cavalry Major and also due to political favours a honorary
Kentucky Colonel. He wears Lt Commander rank badges but insists on being called
Colonel. As colonel typically commands a battalion of 400-1000 men this further
causes confusion. As well as his military experience Channon is a noted
enthusiast for  the works of Freud, Jung,
Madam Blavatsky, Dion Fortune and other less respected authors and tries to
instruct the men on ‘psychic and psychological warfare.’

The Colonel and Commander are assisted by Gunnery Sergeant
Tiberius Tyrone an eye patched granite veteran of world war one of fearsome

From down in Georgia comes Lieutenant Bones McCoy (ex-US
Navy) is the unit medical officer, Corporal Orally the unit clerk (who carries
spare weapons for Queen) and Queen’s man servant ‘Speedy’ McQuire acts as the
unit ‘runner.’

Sharpshooters /

3 pairs of snipers/archers form this unit. They are equipped
with long bows for night actions and organised in pairs with scoped Springfield
rifles and Thompson SMGs for day.

4 Rifle Sections

1 x Browning Automatic Rifle

1 X Thompson SMG carried by the Section leader (one round in
five a tracer.)

4 x 1894 Marlin Rifles chambered for .357 Magnum (commissioned
by Queen, real ones didn’t come out till the 1960S in our world.)

Marlin 1894

Each man carries a .357 magnum Registered Magnum, a hatchet,  a 10” bowie knife and a four German ‘stick’

Registered Model 27 .357 Magnum (Rangers choose barrel length up to 8" this is a 3" snub)

All weapons have
stainless steel identity plates individually inscribed with a dedication by
Oliver Queen.


The official uniform is as follows:

  • A Lincoln green wool hip-length double-breasted jacket. The Jacket has a leather elbow
    patches and a shoulder piece (on the left or right depending on the handedness
    of the Ranger concerned.)
  • Brown leather gloves (and
    forearm guard for archers.)
  • Lincoln
    green wool trousers with brown leather knee patches.
  • A
    khaki shirt and Lincoln green necktie
  • Lincoln
    Green slouch hat
  • Brown
    leather jackboots
  • A
    thick brown leather barrack style belt with water flask and ammunition pouches
    side and back.
  • Green
    Bergen rucksack
  • Hollywood
    style leather brown ‘fast draw’ holster
  • A
    rubberized ‘gas cape.’

However the time
in the Liverpool trenches have seen the men get uniform items from all sources,
khaki pullovers, cable knit sweaters,  knitted caps, German style Irish, Adrian and
British Brodie helmets etc;


Queen in  dictated in his ‘Instructions to
Rangers’  the following core statement:

‘We shall employ two methods both well suited to
modern warfare:

First stealth- the bow, knife and hatchet are
silent weapons and like Roger’s Rangers we shall use field craft and the night
to stealth upon our enemies in the dead of night and become the very fabric of
their nightmares in our frontier savagery.

Second shock – whether on horseback or on foot the
depth of firepower we can deliver will be agilely deployed to devastate the
enemies of democracy.’

The first part
the Rangers done ‘war paint’ to darken their faces and using the archery
section as silent ranged weapons tend to butcher sentries and outposts leaving
intimidating messages behind in their wake.

The second relies
on the fast firing of a lever action Marlin Rifle, ideally fired from ambush or
in an assault. Official unit doctrine is for riflemen to fire their weapons dry
and then the section leader & BAR gunner to cover while the unit reloads
their rifles (a ponderous process with a lever action rifle as opposed to a
bolt action.) The Sniper team is also meant to ‘cover’ the unit while it

NCO’s Tommy guns
have different coloured tracers so they can denote targets to their section by
firing at them, as does Queen.

The unit has also
innovated in fitting grenades (usually a ‘stick’ grenades) to arrows as
improvised grenade launches.

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