Operation: APHID


Classification: MOST SECRET


To be supplemented by verbal briefing.


Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’


Task Organisation: Field Team of 4 A.L.F.I.E.S agents plus 1 ‘Q’ Agent for infiltration of team.


Situation: Codename GOPHER a informant within Manchester has been passing valuable intelligence on enemy railway movements for some months via the Manchester Resistance‘s Mary Hey’s Martyrs Brigade (MHMB).  (This is named after a victim of the Peterloo Massacre.) GOPHER has indicated that he needs extraction and has promised some extremely valuable intelligence to justify his rescue, local agents believe his protestations.

Given this the intelligence value this intelligence may have it is justified sending a team to assess it and if worthwhile extract GOPHER and/or the information.


Mission Objectives:


  • Contact GOPHER and evaluate his intelligence information.
  • Should it prove worthwhile extract GOPHER (& any dependents) and return him to Liverpool intact and with any material to support his intelligence.
  • Terminate GOPHER should he not be worth extracting and he poses a danger to the Free State and Manchester Resistance.


  • Assess the condition of BUF control of Manchester


  • Cause discomfort to the enemy



Infiltration: Q has arranged an  infiltration method and a Q agent will facilitate this.

Contact: the MHMB via dead letterbox in Oxford Road Railway Station ladies public facilities (behind the towel rack – checked daily.)

Further Execution & Extraction: to be determined by Field Team independently or in discussion with ALFIES HQ.

Service Support:

No support is available once the Field Team has left Liverpool other than the Manchester Resistance may choose to provide.

Command & Signal:

Field Team codename is GREENFLY ACTUAL agents to be numbered GREENFLY-1, GREENFLY-2 etc; these call signs are to be used if radio contact initiated with ALFIES HQ via Manchester Resistance radio set.

GOPHER to be referred to in communications/radio as GORDON ACTUAL, any dependents as GORDON-1 etc;

ALFIES HQ codename is UNCLE, C is GREAT UNCLE, C’s Secretary AUNT MABLE, Q is COUSIN




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