Operation BEETLE


Classification: MOST SECRET

Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’

 Task Organisation: Peter Cadbury-Pakenham (codename HOMEFARM) Ashley Peakcock (codename BUTCHER)

Situation: Codename HOMEFARM was part of the Operation APHID team which encountered difficulties in extracting GOPHER from enemy territory and returning to the city. BUTCHER was one of the Mancunian resistance workers that returned with APHID. Given his network of contacts HOMEFARM is to be parachuted into Prestyn with BUTCHER and they are to be charged with organising a network (codename REDLINE) of safe houses and contacts for the extraction and inflitration of agents into Government territory through the Welsh border and Cheshire coutnryside.  REDLINE should connect with any Mancunian resistance contacts we stil have.  it is envisaged that REDLINE should also be useful to recover downed pilots and intelligence from enemy territory.

Opposing Forces

Loyal and Royal Cymru, Border Marches Field Force, Royal Highway Patrol Group, Cheshire Police, Blackshirt Legions, Regular Army and pro-government volunteers as wella s other pro-crown security forces operate in the area.

Friendly Forces

Contacts should be developed with the BRC and other Welsh nationalists as well as Cheshire resistance bodies and the Delamere Merrymen bandits.

Mission Objectives:


  • Establish REDLINE


  • Gather Intelligence


  • Cause discomfort to the enemy



Infiltration:  The Team is being taken by ship to Prestyn.

Contact: Welsh nationalists will meet the agents in Prestyn.

Service Support:

No support is available once the  Team has left Liverpool other than the local allies may choose to provide.

Command & Signal:

Mission callsign is RAILROAD



Welsh Nationalists callsign is ZIPPO

Chesire resitance callsign is HARPO

Mancunian resistance is ENGELS.

ALFIES HQ codename is UNCLE, C is GREAT UNCLE, C’s Secretary AUNT MABLE, Q is COUSIN

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