Classification:  SECRET

Codename TORO

Not to be supplemented by verbal briefing.

Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’

Task Organisation: Field Team of 2-5 A.L.F.I.E.S agents

Situation: Ernest Hemmingway (Codename TORO) the noted American journalist and author is a friend the the Free City of Liverpool. He is also a bon vivant, glory hound and daredevil. As such he pernamently has teams of ALFIES agents arranded to his close protection as part on the ongoing OPERATION DADDY LONG LEGS. This particular evening TORO is entertaining 3 foreign journalists with a night out in  Town  and it is imperative that he chamrs them to the City’s cause, while not succeeding in putting himself or the journalists in harm.

Opposing Forces

Aside Hemmingways self-destructive tendencies it is possible that enemy agents may wish to embarass the City by killing him.

Possible Friendly forces:

Liverpool Police are aware of Hemmingways exuberances and his importance – though individual Constables may have taken a dislike to him.

Mission Objectives:


  • Protect TORO


  • Protect the journalists TOTO is entertaining namely:
  • Msr. ‘Tintin’ of Le XXe Siècle (Belgium)  codename SNOWY
  • Ms. Victoria Vale of  the Gotham Gazette (New York City, USA) codename FOX
  • Mr John Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle (New York City, USA) codename SPIDER


  • Positively influence foreign journalists to support Liverpool’s cause.



Team is to replace the current detail and to meet TORO at the Athenaeum Club, Church Alley, Liverpool at 20.00 hours  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_Athenaeum where TORO will be dining with the journalists. They are to continue to protect the team until relieved at 02.00 the following morning. The Athenaeum is the oldest gentleman’s club in liverpool and fourth oldest in Britain having been founded in 1797. Agents should dress accordingly.

Service Support:

Service support is available in the form of the next shift who will be standing by cabs ready to reinforce in the event of a violent attack.

Command & Signal:

Field Team codename is MOTHER HEN

The Team will be given police box kets and carry ALFIES badges in order to commendeer telephones if they need support.

The password to use with telecoms operators is INDIGO.

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