Classification: MOST SECRET

To be supplemented by verbal briefing.

Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’

Task Organisation: Field Team of 4 A.L.F.I.E.S agents

Situation: The A6 forms a main Government Communication lines between the Liverpool and the Scottish fronts units are easily manouvered between Government forces in Carlisle and the borders to opposeLiverpool forces.

Part of the reason for this is the lack of proper resistance in theLake Districtarea of Westmoreland & Cumberland.  It is therefore considered imperative that an ALFIES team act as a diplomatic and military assistance mission to the area to garner, organise and stimulate resistance to the enemy,

Anti and Pro-Government refugees have fled to the area as a result of campaigns in the surrounding area. Lacking strategic material and benefiting from difficult terrain the Royalist-Fascist forces have not maintained a permanent presence in the area. To date Government forces being content with sweeps by auxiliary flying columns which are generally not been resisted.

What reports we have garnered advice us that the towns and villages of the area have fallen into the hands of bandits, marauders, do-gooders and committees of local citizens. It is there disparate forces Team EARWIG is expected to weld into a popular front against the Government whether by diplomacy, military conquest, espionage or other means.

Opposing Forces

Auxiliary Columns fromLancaster, Preston and Carlisle patrol the A6 and occasionally make sweeps on villages and towns in the area. They normally breeze through make some pretence on reinstating the official authorities, hang a few ‘examples’ and move out. Regular and BUF columns also use the A6 and will occasionally detach pickets to adjacent towns as a security measure.

The Team will present a change to theLake Districts tatus quo. As such it will present opportunities to some and a threat to others, Potentially threatened parties may attempt to dispatch and/or imprison the team.

We are sure that pro-Government security services have agents in the villages of the area. This may be the greatest threat to agents.

Possible Friendly forces:

It is believed various armed bands exist in the area from nominally ideologically sympathetic to the LFS groups, Local Defence Volunteers to murderous bandits.   The Team will have secure the support of some local forces to be effective in the Misson.

Mission Objectives:


  • Create an anti-Government resistance in the area that will resist Government incursions and raid the A6.


  • Create a positive impression of the Free State in the area facilitating future alliances in the area.


  • Cause discomfort to the enemy


Infiltration: The Team will be flown to Ambleside on the banks of Windermere by the repaired Bette Davies. They will be given diplomatic credentials to present to local authority figures.

Contact: None established.

Further Execution & Extraction: to be determined by Field Team independently or in discussion with ALFIES HQ.

Service Support:

Strictly no support is available however discussions with the Economic and Welfare Committee and the Navy Army and Militia Committee have elected that the following be held in store for the Agents to use in their negotiations. (Delivery to be arranged, see below.)

  • 100 Mosin-Nagent 1891 Rifles sighted in arshinii.(Russian measure approx 28 inches.) Codename BREAD
  • 2 Maxim 1910 Heavy Machine Guns with gun shield and wheels Codename JORDAN
  • 100,000 Rounds 7.62mm x 54mmR ammunition for the above. (Otherwise rare in theUK.) Codename ANGLE
  • 10 Chauchat light machine guns (notoriously unreliable French WW1 weapon) Codename SARAH
  • 10,000 8 x 50m ammunition for the above. Codename MARY
  • 10 Colt Officer Police revolvers Codename FISHES
  • 2500 .38 Special ammunition for above. Codename FISHERS
  • 1000 lbs of Russian black bread (very long shelf life) Codename GOAT
  • 2000 lbs rice Codename MANNA
  • Limited supplies of medical equipment on a case by case basis
  • ·         On a case by case basis air support by the People’s Volunteer Squadron, Liverpool People’s Fleet Air Arm, Birkenhead Badgers Flying Circus or Wild Geese Squadron. This is heavily dependent on needs of the City’s defence and will have to be arranged in advance. Codename SHIELD   
  • ·         1000 blankets Codename SLING
  • ·         100 8-person tents Codename JERSUALEUM
  • ·         1000 ex-Soviet Ushanka fur hats. Codename SINAI
  • ·         1000 US Assistance Committee acquired ‘duster’ waxed overcoats Codename CLOAK

Other aid might be requested but has not been budgeted for.  

These are likely to be delivered in stages by the Bette Davies depending on enemy activity and  demands on the Bette Davies for convoy protection and other duties.

Command & Signal:

Field Team codename is EARWIG agents to be named RUTH, DAVID, JOHN and GOD in correspondence. The names of enemies of the Israelites will be used for various towns/villages in the area,

Government forces are to be called SOLOMAN – suffixed with SWORD for Army, CAMEL for Auxiliaries, CAIN for the BUF and ABEL for the Police.

A radio will be provided but we suspect there are BUF listening stations in the area and recommend it is only used in dire emergencies.

All messages to be written in page-paragraph-letter code based on a 1934 copy of the Gideons bible (known to have been distributed to hotels the Windermere area,)

Final Note

This is a long haul mission with Agents expected to operate idnepdnently for months at a time.

(GM note we will likely intersperse other missions and return to this one as event occur once a few sessions have bedded it in.)

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