Operation FLEA


Classification: MOST SECRET

To be supplemented by verbal briefing.

Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’

Task Organisation: Field Team of 4 A.L.F.I.E.S agents plus supporting agents.

Situation: Codename GOPHER an informant within Manchester was rescued, with his mistress during Operation APHID and gave some information that led to Operation: CRICKET. Part of the deal of GOPHER’s co-operation would be that ALFIES brings his infant child from BUF territory. Other priorities came to light and GOPHER has stopped co-operating with ALFIES. Fortunately the child Codename GORDON has been located and a mission put in place to reunite the family. GORDON’s wife committed suicide after his escape and the child was taken into care.

The Royal Children’s Society is a newly established charity which has been taking on waifs and strays and putting them into special homes.  There reasons are twofold – to raise children as royalists and to prevent them being raised in the BUF children homes being set up.

To promote their proper upbringing the children are taken away from their home area. In the case of GORDON she has been moved to the South West where a home has been established in Clevedon Court, Somerset.

Christmas is coming and it is know the home authorities are looking for entertainers for the children’s party. A group of entertainers might easy access to the home which is inconveniently contained within the boundaries of a heavily guarded and patrolled POW camp.

Mission Objectives:


  • Rescue and smuggle GORDON back to Liverpool from the Royalist      orphanage at Clevedon Court while protecting the reputation of the LFS      through avoiding collateral damage and damage to friendly forces.


  • Gather intelligence.


Infiltration: The Team will be sailed down there in a smuggling ship the Angry Onedin.

Contact: There will be no contact with the LFS. A cook in Clevedon Ms Wallis (no relation) is an agent of the Somerset Freedom Fighters, a local resistance force.

Further Execution & Extraction: The LFS (Liverpool Free Ship) Thetis, a submarine can be assigned to recover agents from the Somerset shore.

Service Support:

No support is available once the Field Team has left Liverpool other than the Somerset Freedom Fighters may choose to provide.

Command & Signal:

Field Team codename is FLEA ACTUAL agents to be numbered FLEA-1, FLEA-2 etc; these call signs are to be used if radio contact initiated with ALFIES HQ via Somerset Freedom Fighters.

GORDON to be referred to in communications/radio as GORDON ACTUAL.

ALFIES HQ codename is UNCLE, C is GREAT UNCLE, C’s Secretary AUNT MABLE, Q is COUSIN


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