Classification: MOST SECRET


To be supplemented by verbal briefing.


Originating HQ: A.L.F.I.E.S ‘C’


Task Organisation: Field Team of 4 A.L.F.I.E.S agents


Situation: Codename GOPHER a railway manager extracted from Manchester in Operation APHID has confirmed that government forces have been supplied with a German Great War Railway Gun (CODENAME BRADMAN).  These weapons are traditionally inaccurate but GOPHER advises that there is a ‘targeting engine’ (CODENAME GRIMMLETT.)accompanying the gun making it much more accurate. From The City and Liverpool Free Ships off The City will be vulnerable to its 8 inch shells. The gun will become operational very soon.

The capacity to make terror attacks on the town, hit military and naval targets must be removed.

Matters are complicated as a branch line has been added to the Manchester-Birmingham railway at the village Alderly Edge. This line carries the railway gun which is stored in a facility dug into the ‘Edge’ – the local sandstone outcropping that gives the East Cheshire village it’s name.

Opposing Forces

Government security forces in the area are known to include:

Circa 20 members of the pro-Government Alderly Edge Local Defence Force

A BUF Railway Gun Battalion including guards, Engine drivers, firemen, engineers, maintenance and gun crew.. The gun is part of a train that includes 3LMS Stanier F8 locomotives, anti-aircraft tenders with QF 2dr guns, HMG and anti-tank tenders for ground defence, guard’s carriages, ammunition cars, a targeting coach and command coach.

In the area are elements of the Cheshire Constabulary Eastern Police Field Force approximately a company of mounted armed police.

Both village and the Edge are protected by a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the Royal Artillery supplemented by a National league of Airmen Anti-Aircraft force ruling out aerial attack. There are also observer Corps posts on the Edge and in the village with field telephone connections to local RAF bases.

Possible Friendly forces:

Contacts exist with the Ridge-Ramblers a partisan group of Mancunian Army of Liberation in Exile (MALE) operating in the area of platoon strength (CODENAME LARWOOD). They have a radio.

There is rumored to be a resistance group called Cheshire Christian Conservative against Carlisim (C4) also operating the areas but no contacts exist.

Derbyshire Worker’s Army partisans are known to raid the area but no contacts exist.

Mission Objectives:


  • Destroy BRADMAN


  • Destroy or capture and gain intelligence on GRIMMLETT


  • Cause discomfort to the enemy



Infiltration:  The Team is arranging its own infiltration via discussion with C.

Contact: LARWOOD via dead letter box in woods south of the Edge.

Further Execution & Extraction: to be determined by Field Team independently or in discussion with ALFIES HQ.

Service Support:

No support is available once the Field Team has left Liverpool other than the local allies may choose to provide.

Command & Signal:

Field Team codename is JARDINE agents to be numbered JARDINE-1, JARDINE-2 etc; these call signs are to be used if radio contact initiated with ALFIES HQ via Manchester Resistance radio set.

BRADMAN to be referred to in communications/radio as BRADMAN ACTUAL.

Guard forces as BRADMAN’s PADS.

Anti-Aircraft BRADMAN’S BAT.

Police forces BRADMAN’S CAP.

ALFIES HQ codename is UNCLE, C is GREAT UNCLE, C’s Secretary AUNT MABLE, Q is COUSIN

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