2. A.L.F.I.E.S Agents

Agent 102# Heston Royce

“Royce the voice” the best review Heston ever had from the Manchester Evening Post. He keeps it to this day in his bright yellow waistcoat pocket.

Born in Liverpool to affluent parents Heston grew up in a large house overlooking Sefton park.  Always a worry to his father Heston’s interest in drama, song and dance grew. Heston was sent to military school to toughen him up. This backfired and Heston did a runner to the bright lights of repertory theatre.

Heston has a fine tenor voice and is around five foot eight w receding blonde hair. Always a gentleman however he camps it up amongst other luvies and thespians.

On the whole Heston is quite a good character actor and is quite good at using various disguise techniques.

Heston is quite fond of drink and received a police record for being drunk in a public place an urinating on newspaper stand depicting a picture of Hitler.

Heston returned home to Liverpool to offer his services as the troubles in England began.

Agent  #103 Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams

A 6’2 broad man in his late 20s with a ruddy complexion close, cropped beard and hair. Wearing a tweed overcoat, aran cardigan, plain shirt, Manchester Municipal College of Technology scarf, corduroy trousers, walking boots and hiking socks. Has a  flat cap usually stuffed into a pocket.

 Usually armed with a Winchester 1901 lever action 12 gauge shotgun with ammo in a bandolier and a  .38 ACP Webley Fosbery 8 shot Automatic Revolver

Born 1909 to a prosperous family who ran a chain of Pennine cotton mills from their Manchester offices ,‘Tom’ was soon noted for his keen mind and rebellious instincts by nannies and school masters alike.

Bad Investments and a tax bill for Excess war profits duty didn’t bring the family to the brink of starvation but belts had to be tightened so unlike his brothers who’d been sent to the Winchester Tom went to a local William Hulme Grammar School, (Fraser house,) where he mixed with bright working class lads on scholarships and commuting across the city do to see urban hardship close to hand. The shock of being yanked from his refined prep school combined with the site of the post-war conditions of labour meshed with his rebellious instincts. Consequently Tom was subject to a strong thrashing after confronting his father at the breakfast table during the 1926 General Strike.

A maternal Aunt, Gladys, former suffragette and Fabian took Tom in and sponsored him through higher and further education. Tom attended the Manchester Municipal College of Technology where he applied himself to a mechanical engineering degree. He became interested in areas where the mechanical, architectural and civil engineering disciplines could combine in the more efficient production which led him to do side courses in those areas. He was heavily influenced by the bauhaus school but saw no reason why it’s artistic vision could be extended to the practical matters of life.  His approach was rewarded with a scholarship for a PhD which he is still working on.

Tom also found time to play Rugby Union for the College and lent his arm as an impressive pace bowler to its Cricket XI at this time. He was also an enthusiastic rambler and protested for rights of way. His other pastime was politics; increasingly he was moving to the left of the labour party and his Aunt and was reading Marx and anarchist writers. His physicality found expression in politics helping break up British Union of Fascist meetings

Tom rejected the call to fight inSpain, considering that British politics should be his main concern as he both knew the politics and considered as an advanced country theUKwas more likely to make a successful transition to a worker’s republic in his lifetime.  When the King invited Mosley to form a Government Tom was in no doubt that his street fighting antics would result in his eventual arrest and with a set of comrades made plans for resistance. The swiftness of the takeover, strength of BUF support inManchesterand the cutting off of Liverpool led Tom and his comrades (many former Ramblers) to head for the hills of east Cheshire where they carry out guerrilla warfare against the authorities. They are officially known as Ridge Ramblers Detachment, Mancunian Army of Liberation in Exile, Workers Army – they’re about 25 men armed with shotguns, sporting arms and the occasional military bolt action rifle.

Tom’s groups led by ‘Ald Alf’ a former railway porter and Great War veteran have tried to solicit the support of the ‘Peak Partisans’ an undisciplined nearby Derbyshire group to attack the Government Railway gun at Alderly Edge. Tom was sent as the most eloquent member of his band with a couple of bodyguards. Unfortunately the leader of the 100 or so Partisans Dr Fleming has taken exception to the ‘Mancs telling him what to do’ decried them as ‘class traitors’ and is working through torturing them in the cellar of the stately home he’s taken over.  Tom ecaped and met up with the ALFIES Team Cricket during the Operation of the same name. Together they escaped the Peak Partizans and destroyed the BUF railway gun hidden in Alderly Edge (see Operation Cricket mission reports in main blog.)  Tom subsequently escaped to Liverpool to serve with ALFIES as a MALE liaison officer as well as serving agent.

Agent #104 Vinny Vincetti

Vinny fought his way out of the Bronx not with his fist’s but with his shrewd mind rising in the ranks of a local mafia Don Fat Tony‘s ‘family‘, to be behind a money laundering system that saw the family rise like a shining jewel of the underworld .This didn’t go unnoticed and soon came to the attention of J.Edgar.Hoover .

Vinny grew accustomed to the high life and his good looks from his Italian father and Jewish mother saw him dating some of the most beautiful women in New York city .

However Vinny made two mistakes -passing on syphilis to Fat Tony’s wife and beautiful nineteen year old daughter.

A hit was ordered on him but the Don wanted him to feel it ,Fat Tony ordered his goon’s to beat him to death with baseball bats while his wife looked on .

Halfway through his ordeal and with his brain swelling to the size of a basketball Vinny’s luck changed for the good as a passing cop car juddered to a halt .

He was whisked to the nearest hospital were his life was saved .

The F.B.I offered Vinny a deal Freedom in return for turning states evidence on his boss .

Vinny’s late uncle offered him a job in his Liverpool book store which Vinny now run’s with a passion specializing in rare esoteric books .

Vinny suffers from mild schizophrenia and delusions as a result of the beating which he controls with opiates he obtains from Liverpool’s Chinese quarter.

Vinny’s good looks are now a distant memory .

Vinny offered his services to Alfies as he became aware of BUF’s German inspired attitude towards Jewish people and fearing if no one make a stand the same kind of thing will happen in England.

Vinny’s is Age 43 height 5’8 weight 130 pound. Eye’s Brown. Receding black hair .

Stick thin frame . Broken nose ,always wears rose tinted sunglasses, cheap brown suit and dark overcoat .Chain smokes cigarettes and carries various medications and drugs that he can get his hands on .

Talks in a quiet New York accent, Seen as somewhat of an eccentric but useful in a tight situation.

Vinny’s favoured weapons are a Colt .38 special worn in shoulder holster.

Sawn off double barrelled shotgun worn under overcoat on strap .

Switchblade and shiv. Vinny wears a fake explosive vest strapped with TnT.

Vinny may not have much strength now but his constitution is above average

Agent #106  Peter Cadbury-Pakenham

 Peter is a slight man in his mid forties.  He is a verger and scout leader in Sefton Village where he lives a quiet life alone with no dependants.  Peter spends much of his time fishing and gardening and is well know locally for growing exceptionally large turnips.  He has a mop of unkempt curly hair and wears prescription spectacles.  He is no Cassannova but has a bumbling charm which makes him a big hit with the ladies of the parish.

A principled man and a traditionalist, Peter is incited by Edward’s refusal to abdicate and the events that follow to join the fight against the fascist BUF government.  He sees this as his moral obligation and sees the circumstances of the civil war in black and white where he and his comrades are a force for good, fighting to preserve the traditional British way of life.

Peter is hardly a combat veteran, but has recently seen violent conflict when in an argument with a BUF party member of his parish he became enraged enough to assault him and beat him to death with his virge.  Immediately after this event Peter volunteered for ALFIES who were pleased to welcome him on account of his education and mastery of European languages which, along with his establishment contacts, they hope to put to good use.

(Peter Cadbury-Pakenham -Played by Gazbox)

Agent #107 Tod

Boyish good looks give the casual observer the impression that Tod is in his mid-teens, though he is in fact in his early twenties. Blonde, cropped, tousled hair, and pale blue eyes encourage the youthful look, however a second glance into Tod’s orbs reveal that this is man that has seen much in his young life. A small moustache adorns Tod’s upper lip, but because of his blonde-ness it is hardly striking. Tod is 5’10” and has a small scar high on his left cheekbone. He typically wears grey-green or pale blue fatigues, and he moves with the grace and precision of a hunter.

Tod is a quiet, calm individual, however he is clearly driven and his single-mindedness can be frightening to behold. His English is fair though heavily accented, and this, combined with his German heritage, has often caused Tod to be the butt of jokes – as long as they are purely verbal, Tod tends to turn the other cheek, and his quiet air of menace usually stops anything going further. His name ‘Tod’ is clearly a nickname – it usually means fox, or clever in English, but ‘death’ in German. Perhaps both are apt?

Tod rose to sudden prominence in November 1937 when he single-handedly saved the life of Liverpool’s mayor: Henry Walpole. Since that day he has been Walpole’s man, and by extension, Marceau Cairns’ (‘C’). Tod is a proud German Jew, and his military knowledge and firearms awareness imply that he is an ex-German soldier. Tod is unwilling to speak in detail of his past, and his acent strengthens, and his English worsens when pushed. What is clear is that he is strongly anti-fascist, and trusted by the ALFIES command staff.

(Tod player Nick P)

Agent #108  Arthur Smith

Standing 6’3” tall and built of solid muscle, Arthur is an intimidating sight. He typically dresses in worn, stained blue trousers and a tatty, old green t-shirt, though both are so used and faded that they appear off-grey. Dark-brown, unruly hair tops an open, pleasant face dominated by a friendly, gap-toothed smile. Arthur is in his early thirties. He usually carries a large sling bag containing workman’s tools, as well as various useful knick-knacks that he has picked up on his travels.

Arthur isn’t one of the sharpest tools in the box, though he means well. He is calm and generally placid, though he often needs thing repeating to him, preferably using short, basic language, and maybe drawings. Due to his size, and obvious power Arthur could be fearsome if he were to loose his temper, but, probably because he isn’t very good at understanding insults, he usually stays relaxed.

In 1930 Arthur Smith made front-page news. His record-breaking transfer for a goalkeeper, from West Ham United to Liverpool, was a sensation. He arrived in the city with a young daughter in tow, amid stories of the death of the rest of his family from cholera. The people of Liverpool welcomed him with open arms.

During the 1930s Arthur became a firm favourite with the Liverpool football faithful. When not playing football he worked for a number of local engineering or motor companies.

When the civil war broke out football stopped, and Arthur was one of the first ALFIE volunteers; keen to return the love and support shown to him by his adopted home.

(Arthur Smith player Nick P)

Agent #109 Jack ‘Jackie’ Carter

Jack Carter is a Canadian born immigrant who came to Liverpool via the lumber trade through Canada dock.  Jackie has some native Canadian blood in his genes giving him a slightly darker skin tone than his comrades.  Having worked for some years as a hand on the ships bringing lumber to England, Jack has settled in Liverpool, marrying and fathering two children and using his shipping contacts to become a successful black marketers.   His newfound wealth and status in his community brings with it a sense of superiority and a wish to distance himself and his family from the ‘common’ dockers and labourers  he grew up with.  In order to protect the future freedom of his young family, Jackie resolves to fight against the BUF but would never be seen amongst the rank and file militia men, instead becoming an ALFIES agent and leaving the running of his ‘business’ to a couple of almost trusted cronies.

Jackie’s now more luxurious lifestyle has seen him gain a few pounds and he isn’t as fit as he once was, but he saw his fair share of fights around the shipyards and remembers how to pack a punch.  From working in shipping he has a good pair of sea legs   He has a keen eye for a good deal and can haggle and negotiate but  is impatient and will simply walk away to find an alternative if things aren’t going his way.  He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is often abrupt.  Jack tends to keep himself to himself and is a bit of a loner, he didn’t get where he is by sharing.

Jack wears a well made, tailored suit which he feels befits his status.  He wears a long mack which usually conceals all kind of contraband.  He wears an expensive wristwatch as a status symbol and a pair of glove .  Jackie is a snob and his past is a sore point which is guaranteed to get his back up.  Despite his public demeanour, Jackie is a family man behind closed doors.

(Jackie Carter’s Player – Gazbox)

Agent #110 – Harvey Lee Boswell


Born in New Orleans 1913 to an English mother and American father .A young Harvey grew up in incredible poverty. His mother would regale him with tales about her family back in the Dingle in Liverpool. How they would pull together to put bread on the table.

Harvey grew to hate the poverty and injustice he witnessed and this started to shape his left-wing ideology .

By age 14 Harvey became quite a marksman shooting squirrels for the table. This became apparent after enlisting for the Marines becoming an expert marksman .

Harvey became disillusioned and went absent without leave hotfooting it to fight the Fascists in Spain under an alias . Notching up many scalps the Nationalist soon nicknames him “Dead Eye”.

On Hearing of the troubles in Liverpool Harvey has decided to help defend his long lost family .

Harvey’s favourite weapon is his Italian Carcano 6.5mm sniper rifle with scope .

Harvey enjoys climbing often reaching dizzy heights to get the perfect angle for his shot.

Tracking and hunting come naturally to him .Skilled also in the use of a pistol.  Harvey’s party trick is to shoot a silver dollar out of a mans hand .

Another passion of Harvey’s is photography taking many pictures for an underground Spanish newspaper called the Militant.

(Lee Harvey Boswell’s Player – Jim)

Agent #112 – Eric George

(Eric George drawn by David Wynne)

Eric George was Born in India 1903 to British parents. He was sent to England and received an Eton education then left for Burma where he was employed by the Indian Imperial Police. In 1927 he left the police force to become a writer. He spent time investigating and writing about poverty in England and France, writing two books; ‘The Way to Liverpool Docks’ and ‘Poor in Paris, Lowly in London’. Having always leant to the political left this first hand experience of working class poverty in the West solidifies his stance as a democratic socialist. George watches the socialist experiment in Russia. He views Stalin’s actions as a misappropriation of socialist rhetoric and is both anti-Stalinist and anti-fascist. In 1936 George puts his money where his mouth is and fights with the Republicans in Spain against Franco’s Nationalists. During the constitutional crisis of 1936 Eric returns home to Britain where he is willing and ready to to fight against the fascist threat. With no family left to speak of George heads towards Liverpool where he hopes to stand in line with the friends he made whilst writing ‘The Way to Liverpool Docks’.

Eric George is a reserved man who takes time to think before he speaks. Thanks to his privileged upbringing he is well spoken but he avoids airs and graces. He is a compulsive tea drinker and if he can lay his hands on it he favours Ceylon which he acquired a taste for in Burma. He dresses simply in a worn out blue shirt, brown trousers and jacket. One luxury he allows himself are his shoes. George wears expensive black leather ankle boots which he takes a great deal of pride in and cleans and polishes religiously every night. George has excellent vision and is a crack shot with a rifle. He carries the gun he was issued with in Spain slung diagonally across his chest. His khaki shoulder bag crosses in the other direction. He always keeps this bag with him as it contains his ammunition, boot polish and loose tea.

(Eric George’s Player – Gazbox)

Agent #114 – Colm ‘Cucullin’ O’Grady – Dockworker, Prize-fighter, Guerilla.

Long of leg, broad of shoulder, strong of arm and short of temper, O’Grady is a hard man to miss.  A dockworker since the age of nine, he is a man of iron fortitude and sullen passions.  He is a sour man.  many find him hard to like, but he works hard and always gets the job done.  He’s a drinker, but not an alcoholic.  He likes to keep his wits about him, ’cause you never know what bastard is waitin for ya round the corner.’

After hours, in the ring, he comes alive in a way that is hard to credit but impossible to ignore.  O’Grady the docker is no more.  Instead the legendary Irish giant Cucullin reigns supreme, a raging tornado of fists, sweat and spittle.  Hard, dirty and fast on his feet he makes a formidable opponent in both bare-knuckle and prop fights.  His favoured weapons are a dockside crowbar or a simple knife, but at a pinch he can cause damage with just about anything.

His reasons for joining ALFIES are as yet unclear.  He seems to have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, but moral blindspots mar his record.  Having moved around a lot there is no geographical tie anyone can make out, and he has no love for the Liverpudlians themselves – refering to them generally as ‘scunts,’ but he’ll fight to the death to protect their independence.  Maybe it’s an underdog thing, maybe he just likes the violence, maybe he’s more complex than people give him credit for.  Whatever it is he’s there in the thick of it, and he won’t go down without a whole load of corpses around him.

(Colm O’Grady’s player Dion WP)

Agent #115  Reverend Thomas Wilks, Vicar of the Church of St Marys, West Derby

Revered Wilks is around 5’11”, sallow skin with an increasingly red nose and terribly thin. His sharp, mouse-like features neatly complement his thinning mouse-brown hair and gleaming near-black eyes. He dresses in black, of course, with the regulation tweed jacket and leather elbow-patches, but cuts an entirely more splendid figure in his unusually florid ecclesiastical robes.

A bitter, heavy drinking priest and former naval officer whose ambition to become Anglican Bishop of Liverpool was thwarted a few years back by a posting to a middle-class parish which is not quite prestigious enough and who’s been taking his frustrations out on his parishioners, sowing discord and strife but who sees in recent events an opportunity to play politics by denouncing certain of his superiors as traitors and collaborators. His coniving policing means he has many contacts amongst Priests and leading laymaen in the Dioscces of Liverpool and the wider local area giving him some utility as a spy.

(Reverend Thomas Wilks – reserve player – Jon Lea)

Agent 116# Lieutenant Tobias Chevasse

Formerly of Liverpool College, more recently of the Kings’ Regiment  (Liverpool) and currently trying to figure out his place in the new world order. Elderly father fought in the 2nd Boer War and received the VC, much older brother (previous wife) fought in WWI and received the VC. Tobias had to go into the regiment, of course, is an expert horseman, a good shot and cuts a fine figure in uniform, but has never seen actual combat…service with ALFIES provides an opportunity for action and a chance to shine outside the squalid ‘firefighting’ role the Kingsmen are forced to perform backing up grubby militas on the City’s defensive lines.

Lieutenant Chevasse is a short, stocky man. 5’7″ and broad-shouldered, he was the finest fly half the first XV had seen in a decade and had a turn of speed that few could match. His hair is a near-golden blond, cut a little long for a military man and always pomaded into sharp sweeps. Blue-eyed, round of cheek, with a toothy smile that women melt for, he is always dressed in the current heighth of fashion – or as near as he can manage in a city under siege. Given a choice, he favours tight trousers whenever he can manage them and high boots that show his buttocks to best advantage.

(Lt Tobias Chevasse – reserve player – Jon Lea)

Agent 117#  Kenneth Walthamstow-Browne

Into his early forties, Kenneth is a very smart, dapper gentleman. He is always abreast of the latest fashions from London, Paris and Milan. His typical attire is a tan, tweed suit, smart, dark-blue tie and impeccably polished navy shoes. He never leaves home without his trusty light brown homburg hat, pince nez, nor meticulously waxed moustache. Kenneth is around 5’8” with neat dark brown hair and is slight of build. His bearing and general demeanour imply that he may have a military background. He appears unarmed, though often has a light pistol and a few knives about his person.

Kenneth is an upbeat and positive person. He has a keen sense of adventure, though he doesn’t take that to extremes. On first impressions, mainly due to his dress sense and accent, Kenneth comes across as foppish, however a few minutes in his company show that his dandy-like ways accommodate a keen analytical mind.

Kenneth arrived in Liverpool aboard a navy vessel around a year ago. Though initially noted for his snappy dress sense, he has since gained some notoriety as a fence and smuggler, though he would be mortally offended to be referred to as either. For such a seemingly open man he keeps the full details of his past to himself, though his political views are known to be liberalist, and this liberalism has often been the cause of scandal amongst the wealthy elite of Liverpool.

In his cheery, unassuming way Kenneth recently offered his services to Liverpool as an ALFIES agent, partly to help the war effort, and partly for the gosh-darn fun!

(Kenneth Walthamstow-Browne player Nick P)

Agent 118# Archie Fenner,

Aged 17 a lean scruffy street-nick with a surly face and a mop of black hair. Slender and short for his age he is often thought to be two or three years younger than he is. He will often act and speak in a manner to divert attention away from his intelligence.

Archie grew up in an orphanage.  He was always a difficult child, precocious and wilful. His interests were his own and went against the grain. Fighting and recriminations were the norm in the dog eat dog world he was trapped in.  Where his peers found solace in games and escapism Archie found it in scientific journals and experimentation. A restless mind howling in a cage of mundanity, his only peace came at night, long after the others were asleep, gazing into the flame of a burning candle.

However, now he has a new lease of life as a’ dynamite man’ for ALFIES, what experience he brings to the role is unclear…

Agent 119# Eric Leadbetter

Eric is a young lad, on his first mission. A bit of a brawler really got involved in the war effort more for a chance to fight than for any idealistic reasons. As a result he lacks patience but seems to have a natural talent for violence.

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