Rogue Agents

Agent #111  – Percy Thomas

Percy is five foot ten inches ,slim but wiry with Sandy coloured hair which he wears slicked back with brillcream. He has brown eyes, a small spiv moustache and a square jaw . At some point he has acquired a scar above left eye  and a broken nose .

He wears a camel coat and a fedora hat cocked at a jaunty angle. He has a fondness for a bowtie and carries two silver cigarette cases one with Players one with Capstan full strength .He also always carries a hip flask containing Brandy. Silver pocket watch and soft pig leather wallet.

His routine equipment is a set of good quality lock picks .Switchblade and Tokarev TT33 pistol 7.62 mm (won in a card game with a Russian sailor). Garrotte. Brass knuckles.

He wears a chequered suit slightly worn and matching waist coat and worn brogues.

Due to his age he now requires small halfpenny glasses for close up work .

With civil war threatening his beloved Liverpool  Percy Thomas has volunteered his unique talents to serve the Liverpool Free State and found himself as an ALFIES agent.Percy Thomas personal history is vague , it’s clear he saw some service in the Great War (he is in his 40s) and the ALFIES senior officers value his skill set.

In the course of OPERATION DADDY LONG LEGS Percy become so annoyed with the subjec tof the protection detail Ernest Hemmingway that he killed him…and escaped into the night

Word is he’s out in the City now…fighting his own war…his own way. If your in trouble, and no one else can help…maybe, just maybe you can call Percy Thomas.

(Percy Thomas’s Player – Jim)

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  1. […] car sped off driven by the owner of the blunt tones – Percy Thomas unbeknownst to these agents the ALFIES deserter who murdered Ernst Hemmingway who appears to have […]

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